Ways to Spice Up Your New Year Wardrobe (Part Two)

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I’m sure you’re already over 2020. If your quest to start anew for 2021 has been slow, speed it up with a quick revamp of your wardrobe! Whether it’s catching up with friends on Zoom or gathering with your housemates for a small garden picnic, it’s time to prep your closet with exciting new additions to accompany the great things you have planned for the season.


Cancer: Fuzzy Everything

Nothing beats the comfort of fuzzy slippers and fluffy knits in winter, perfect items to brighten the wardrobes of Cancerians. Snuggling into a fuzzy and functional ensemble that is both outdoor and indoor appropriate suits this homebody sign. If friends aren’t convinced that you can pull off this look, show them you can with a head-to-toe fluffy ’fit!

You can also try: Go extra with the theme! Why not nab some fluffy footwear and accessories? If you’re not into the idea of fuzzy clothes all over, then implement in small doses with fuzzy accessories!


Leo: Glitz & Sparkles

There’s always room for more glitter in a Leo’s wardrobe! Holiday party season is officially done and dusted, but there’s no need to tuck away all your fun pieces. Glitz and sparkles make everyone happier, and these details can brighten up your look during this cold, moody month!

You can also try: More of a low-key type? The less-in-your-face approach is to work the glitz subtly into your look, for instance in the form of socks and jewelry. Or look for pieces with sparkly details – as opposed to allover glitter – for touches of understated glam.


Virgo: Double Bag It

Why wear one bag when you can opt for more? This surprisingly practical trend is all over the catwalks now, and it aligns with the practical tendencies of Virgos! Chanel’s recent fashion shows had models donning two identical bags in different colors and sizes, a look that isn’t as weird and mom-sy as we imagined. Don’t shove your micro bags away just yet – elevate your accessories layering game by styling them with other bags, or jazz things up by experimenting with unusual color combinations!

You can also try: Get inspired from Louis Vuitton’s eclectic two-bags-in-one Twist and Twisty series, which is essentially rocking your favorite handbag layered with a matching wallet or coin purse. The additional smaller bag is handy for storing items like spare face masks or hand creams.


Libra: High-Key Romantic

Ramp up the drama in your wardrobe this season with some romantic, feminine and dramatic pieces! Add allover prints, ruffles, period-drama-worthy puff sleeves, sexy square-necks and hyper femme bodices to the closet. Sometimes one statement piece is all you need to spice up an outfit! You’d be surprised at how much fun it is to layer dramatic pieces with basic essentials, such as a bustier top over a plain turtleneck. C’est chic et dramatique!

You can also try: Feeling sensory overload from all the fancy prints and intricate designs? Opt for simpler designs without compromising on the fun elements. Less is sometimes more! Even a plain knit dress can be impactful if it comes in a bold silhouette.


Scorpio: Cutout Fun

Swap your basic knits and long-sleeve tops for edgier ones with eye-catching cutouts! This look was everywhere in the summer, and it can easily be reworked for the colder months, especially if those pieces have long sleeves! It’s not just a fad. Strategically placed cutouts can flatter the figure as well, depending on the design. Cutouts around the waistline create a cinched-in silhouette, while cutoff details at the back add a refreshing twist to bulky winter wear. If the cutout is near the décolletage, it can generate a contoured effect.

You can also try: Cutouts may seem too adventurous for reserved dressers. If you wish to test the waters first, there are plenty of beginner-friendly options. A simple turtleneck with an asymmetrical cold-shoulder design is immediately more intriguing but still wearable. Alternatively, consider chic pieces with subtler cutout details that aren’t hard to pull off.


Sagittarius: Electric Earrings

When it’s cold, all Sagittarians want to do is to snuggle in their hoodies and PJ bottoms, even for formal Zoom meetings. Fret not as you don’t need to get changed to brighten your January wardrobe – just pop on some earrings! Kitsch is in, so bold and quirky acrylic earrings are a good place to start. There’s a plethora of options available, from eye-popping flower motifs to chain links to expressive designs. Pick one that suits your quirky personality!

You can also try: For those who prefer to stick to classic and safe jewelry tones, you can still embrace the theme without compromising the drama. Opt for head-turning designs in sleek gold and silver tones for a sophisticated look.


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