Harnessing the Anti-Aging Benefits of Idebenone with Bellflower’s Brightening Gel Toner and make p:rem’s Lifting Ampoule

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Life goes by quickly, and the older we grow, the more important it becomes to age gracefully. This is when idebenone comes to the rescue.  Also known by the chemical name hydroxydecyl ubiquinone, idebenone is a synthetic analog of coenzyme Q10. This powerful antioxidant helps in the production of collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also moisturizing skin, brightening complexion and improving texture for youthful radiance. It even protects skin from sun damage!

This time, I’m reviewing two different products featuring idebenone – Bellflower’s Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner and make p:rem’s Idesbenone Lifting Ampoule. I used each product for one week. How did they fare? Scroll down to find out!

make p:rem's Idebenone Lifting Ampoule and Bellflower's Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner

make p:rem’s Idebenone Lifting Ampoule

What it claims to do:

This powerful ampoule rejuvenates, moisturizes and firms skin without leaving a sticky trace. Obviously, idebenone is the staple ingredient in the formula. Squalane and ceramides are two other key ingredients. Both help to moisturize skin, while the former also protects the skin barrier from free radicals and prevents skin aging. The ampoule also contains kakadu plum extract, which is rich in Vitamin C to brighten complexion.

My experience:

Per the directions, I cleansed my face with my usual face wash and used a toner right before applying a dollop of the ampoule. I followed this routine every night for one week. It was my first time ever using an ampoule, so I was afraid it’d be too much for my skin. I pumped a small amount from the banana yellow bottle onto the palm of my hand and spread it evenly across my face. I gently patted in the ampoule for better absorption. The lightweight texture applied smoothly and left a non-sticky finish. My face felt fresh when I wrapped up my nighttime skin care regimen with a layer of facial moisturizer.

This idebenone lifting ampoule works subtle magic. Over the course of the week, my complexion brightened and my pores visibly shrank. Though I wouldn’t look noticeably younger after just one week of use, the ampoule surely made my skin feel lifted.

Bellflower’s Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner

Bellflower's Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner

What it claims to do:

This gel toner moisturizes, soothes and refreshes skin with sodium hyaluronate, damask rose and evening primrose extracts. It also brightens skin with niacinamide and nourishes with botanical oils.

My experience:

I’m accustomed to using liquid toners, so I was initially reluctant to try this gooier gel toner. Nonetheless, there’s a first time for everything! After cleansing my face with my go-to face wash, I applied the gel toner with my hands. I did this every morning and night for one week. The thick consistency was expected, but luckily, it applied smoothly and left a non-sticky finish. To my surprise, the toner is lightweight and felt just like any other toner I’d opt for. My face already felt so supple and moisturized from the toner that I used less than my normal dosage of facial moisturizer over it. In a week’s time, my face looked plumper, brighter and more even-toned. I also noticed that my pores became less visible, and my skin felt smoother.


Idebenone just may be the savior of my skin care regimen. Be on the lookout for this wonder ingredient when hunting for an anti-aging product. Both products I tested are must-haves to restore and firm up skin for an all-around healthy and youthful glow. I highly recommend adding make p:rem’s Idebenone Lifting Ampoule to your nighttime routine, which is what I’ll do along with using Bellflower’s Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner. I’m confident that I’m on the right path to looking forever young!

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