Ways to Spice Up Your New Year Wardrobe (Part One)

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New Year’s celebrations won’t feel the same this year. Whether you’re bringing in the new year with your housebound crew, meeting only a small circle of close friends, or going with a virtual gathering, it’s likely that you won’t get to see everyone during the social distancing period. It may not be the best of times, but your wardrobe (and self-esteem) shouldn’t have to suffer as a result. Get out of your PJs! It’s time to spice up your wardrobe and brighten up your January!

Capricorn: Patchwork Party

You may think this is a joke, but let me explain. While patchwork may remind you of grandpa’s cardigan or grandma’s quilt, it’s made a comeback in fashion since fall 2020, and the trend is likely to stay for a while. There’s an eclectic charm to patchwork’s “ugly” aesthetic. A bit of mismatched fun can brighten up your wardrobe!

You can also try: If patterned patchwork is too intense for you, try the beginner-friendly monochrome patchwork look!


Aquarius: Illuminating

Illuminating is one of the two colors Pantone selected as Colors of the Year for 2021. As the color’s name suggests, Pantone hopes this choice will bring a bright and uplifting outlook to the rest of the year. There’s no doubt that Aquarians will be quick to pick up on this bright and lively yellow, which goes well with their idealistic and progressive temperaments. Feeling bold? Start with curating a head-to-toe yellow ‘fit!

You can also try: If the lemony yellow of Illuminating is too bright for your taste, try the mellower and dreamy Butter Yellow.


Pisces: Go Bow

Adding a bow instantly makes things more fun. For example, stick a bow on a box, and it becomes a gift. Go for bow-embellished pieces that are utterly romantic to resonate with your inner romanticist, Pisceans! Whether you’re adding this accessory to bags, shoes, jackets or hairbands, the bigger the bow, the better!

You can also try: If you’re not a fan of gigantic bows, they come in smaller sizes too! A small bow accent on a plain dress instantly adds an elegant touch. Dainty bow-shaped earrings are subtle and can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Not hot on three-dimensional bows? Try wearing something with a bow-design print!


Aries: Big Rrr-Rings

Stackable, dainty rings are so last decade. This year is all about showing off the statement finery on your fingers! A well-placed cocktail ring can elevate your look with a glamorous touch. Traditionally, a cocktail ring features a single precious or semi-precious stone, but in today’s world, it’s easy to recreate the look on a budget with other types of stones and designs. Feeling extra? Layer on big rings for extra impact!

You can also try: Are you a minimalist at heart? You can still channel the same vibe with simpler designs and solid-tone palettes.


Taurus: Just Add Pearls

Sleek, contemporary pearl jewelry dominated the catwalks throughout 2020, as designers showcased modern and creative ways to wear pearls. In Chanel’s Métiers d’art collection’s last December, the French fashion house demonstrated how to reinvent winter outerwear with jewelry on top by layering long ropes of pearls over longline classic tweed coats. Pearls aren’t exclusive to jewelry, so why not wear them in other ways!

You can also try: For more low-key Taureans, dainty pearl jewelry is worth investing in. Start with designs featuring classic gold or silver details, which evoke a modern appeal and can be worn throughout the seasons.


Gemini: After Dark Drama

Geminis are the wild child of the zodiac! While you’re never afraid to go bold with colors and unusual cuts, it’s time to ramp up the darker side of your wardrobe. Black is a fail-safe color, but it can be much more fun and interesting if combined with an adventurous design. Geminis, go find some eccentric black pieces to invigorate your January looks!

You can also try: Being clad entirely in black may not be for everyone, so start with smaller doses! You’d be surprised at how a quirky black hat, bag or pair of shoes can dramatically amplify an outfit.


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