Fortifying the Skin Barrier with Secret Key’s Black Snail Original Set

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I can still recall that when I first got into K-Beauty years ago, one of the first skin care products I tried was a serum formulated with snail filtrate, a.k.a. snail slime. Ever since then, I’ve been intrigued by this ingredient’s brightening, healing and soothing capabilities, so naturally I was drawn to Secret Key’s Black Snail Original Set. Another reason why this selection caught my attention is the sleek black and gold packaging! 

One of the leading skin care brands in Asia, Secret Key combines the best ingredients from nature with the latest skin science. When I think of this Korean brand, the word “effective” immediately comes to mind. I’ve been incorporating the Black Snail Original Essence, Black Snail Original Ampoule and Black Snail Original Cream into my skin care routine this winter to see if the trio will effectively fortify my skin barrier.

Black Snail Original Essence

What is it? An essence that helps reinforce the skin barrier. 

My thoughts: Powered by 80% black snail secretion filtrate, this essence not only hydrates skin but also enhances the absorption of products used in the next steps of a routine. 

I’m a huge fan of incorporating essences into my daily skin care routine, especially now that it’s winter and my skin craves more hydration. Using this essence both day and night delivers immediate moisture to my parched skin. I apply about five to seven drops and wait for the essence to absorb before moving on to the next step of my routine. The texture isn’t too watery and it absorbs into my skin quickly after a few pats. 

I love products that give my skin an instant glow and this essence does exactly that. I’ve been experiencing less redness and irritation since I started using it. My skin always feels radiant and refreshed after applying the essence. 


Black Snail Original Ampoule

What is it? An ampoule that improves the skin’s elasticity.

My thoughts: As I get closer to the end of my 20s, I’ve noticed my skin has started to lose collagen. While I don’t mind aging, I want to age gracefully, so ampoules and serums are essential steps in my evening routine.

This ampoule is packed with 80% black snail secretion filtrate and honey extract to nourish, soothe and help restore skin’s elasticity. It has a light, milky texture that glides on skin easily without leaving a tacky feeling. This ampoule claims to give skin a firmer appearance, and it doesn’t disappoint. After only one week of continued use, my skin feels softer and supple. 

Since I don’t have prominent fine lines yet, I can’t report on how it improves the appearance of signs of aging. However, I can say that this ampoule has helped my skin get its bounce back. I’m happy that it leaves my skin looking plump.


Black Snail Original Cream

What is it? A cream that deeply hydrates skin.

My thoughts: Rich in 80% black snail secretion filtrate, a blend of shea butter, honey and six types of hyaluronic acid, this cream restores moisture to skin and brightens the complexion.

My skin care routine is never complete without a moisturizer, and this cream is the perfect finish to my regimen. When I first saw the cream’s texture, I expected it to feel sticky on my face due to its slimy consistency. Luckily, that wasn’t the case at all.

I like to gently pat this on freshly misted skin to help it absorb even better and add extra hydration. I didn’t experience any tacky sensation once the cream fully absorbed into my skin. However it is quite rich for my combination skin to use during the day, so I only applied it in my evening routine.

Despite having some post-acne spots, which tend to make my skin look dull, I was surprised to see that my skin looked much healthier after I incorporated Secret Key’s Black Snail essence, ampoule and cream into my routine. I also love how all three products keep my skin nourished, so I don’t have to worry about dry, thirsty skin this winter.

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