Party Wear Inspo Based on Your Favorite Drink

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Christmas has whizzed by but New Year’s is fast approaching – and with it comes another slew of Zoom parties and virtual get-togethers. Ever wonder about the link between your favorite drink − whether it’s a cocktail or a cuppa − and your preferred party wear? Does your penchant for champagne translate into a love for sequins and glamor? Is your preference for daiquiris related to your go-to mood-boosting mini dress?

Below, I’ve prepared six party-ready wardrobes based on your favorite drinks that’ll ensure head-turning entrances in the new year!

1. Champagne

Always ready to turn that mid-afternoon slump into a celebratory occasion, you’re in your element at birthday parties, weddings and especially New Year’s Eve celebrations. Ringing in the New Year deserves only the very best – and that means champagne, obviously! With your self-assurance, bubbly personality and penchant for luxe, it’s no wonder you’re often the center of attention at any gathering. Contrary to expectations, you don’t do party staples like sequins and glitter, preferring grown-up glamor to easy thrills. A sleek velvet dress, for instance, is right up your alley, especially when paired with an oversized tweed jacket, delicate bling and faux patent leather mules!

2. “Old-Fashioned”

If you’re sitting in a corner sipping on an Old-Fashioned, chances are you’re anything but what the cocktail name suggests. Combining femme fatale appeal with tough girl glamor, you don’t mind when things get messy because you’re up for every challenge! Your party look is all about subversion – juxtaposing that classic hourglass silhouette with a Trinity-style leather trench, pairing daring cutouts with demure mock-necks, and rocking combat boots with a Cinderella-esque ball gown. This season, strike the perfect balance between edgy and glam with a daringly-cut crop top and a mermaid skirt, before adding a cropped pleather jacket and classic combat boots.

3. A Glass of Riesling

You often look prim and proper, but a couple of glasses of vino later, you prove everyone wrong! Underneath the hauteur is a loud and fun-loving party animal, which explains the sexy top hidden under that preppy blazer. Your usual style may veer classic – think cigarette pants, strappy sandals and a slash of red lippy – but you always go a little extra when party season beckons. Whether it’s a statement top, some avant-garde bling or a daring neckline, you make sure your outfit contains at least one conversation starter. And nothing will prompt conversations more quickly than this bright orange, puff-sleeve top, especially when styled with slate gray dress pants, studded flats and a chunky ring.

4. Strawberry Daiquiri

You look dreamy on the outside, but can kick ass when the occasion calls for it – just like the sky-high alcoholic punch lurking behind the sugary flavor of your favorite drink! With a wardrobe ranging from the ultra-femme to the punkish, you’re a style adventurer. This holiday season, go bold with a Barbie pink jumpsuit fitted with edgy mesh panels and a charmingly demure mandarin collar. Continue the girl punk vibes by adding sparkly chandelier earrings and two key pieces in pink: a cat-shaped hair clip in faux tortoise shell and a mesh tote with allover flower embroidery.

Cat Acetate Hair Clip

5. Matcha Latte

Saying no to alcohol during the holidays is hard, unless you’re more into cozying up in front of the TV than killing it on the dance floor. You’re the kind of girl who’s happy with the sugary comfort of a matcha latte. Cottagecore is your go-to look even at parties, whether it’s inspired by fields of mushrooms or rustic cabins. Here, I’ve selected a winter-appropriate, country-living-inspired outfit dominated by orange and mahogany hues. Central to the look is a plaid pinafore dress, paired with a turtleneck underneath and a faux shearling jacket on top. For a dose of sophistication, add a silken head scarf in the same earth-toned palette.

6. Sparkling Water

Alcoholic drinks aren’t your thing, nor are syrupy beverages. Sparkling water is your drink of choice, whether at a fancy restaurant or at your dining table. Your style is all about simple silhouettes, minimal embellishments and eschewing jeweled patterns for a neutral palette. But you enjoy adding the occasional twist into your look, like a shirt worn backwards, pieces from the menswear section, or super oversized clothing. For party season, boldly go your own way with a loose-fit, camel-colored midi dress that leans austere without being boring. A dainty double-layered bracelet, chunky black loafers and a croc-effect handbag seal your style cred!

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