Beauty Eye-Solation with WellDerma’s Warming Eye Mask

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If we’ve gotten closer to anything in this era of social distancing, it’s our screens. We have nothing much to do besides turn on our computers and mobile phones. To top that off, working from home keeps us in front of a screen for long hours without a change of scenery.

Like most millennials, I struggle to switch off and find my inner zen even at the best of times. I’m rarely without my phone. My screen time has surged this year as I keep scrolling through social media aimlessly, and my eyes and sleep have suffered accordingly. Fortunately, I was saved by a box of WellDerma Warming Eye Mask that landed on my desk. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been so quick, easy and Instagrammable!

About the product

This single-use mask has self-heating properties. Made from soft and ultra-thin cotton filled with iron powder, it releases heat and moisture to the eye area, targeting the temples and pulse points. The fabric’s activated carbon also claims to absorb skin’s impurities and tighten pores. Coming with fabric ear hoops, the lightweight mask sits comfortably on the eyes, blocking out all light. Once opened, it automatically heats up to 40°C. The mask is infused with lavender oil, which creates the perfect ambience to relax the mind and promote restful sleep.

Each box comes with ten individual masks. Unlike other disposable warming eye masks, WellDerma’s version adds a fun element by including six different pairs of eye stickers.

How to use:

  1. Open the eye mask along the cutting line in the middle.
  2. Stick the eye stickers onto the mask (optional).
  3. Put on the mask and adjust the ear loops.
  4. Close your eyes for about 20 minutes (and rest in a comfortable position).

Heat will dissipate once you open the mask, so it is advised to use immediately

My experience

I’ve been using these warming eye masks two times a week for a month. I used it only when I felt extra exhausted that day or if I wanted to reward myself with a nice eye spa. One of the best things about this eye mask is that it forces me to close my eyes and take a break. The slow-releasing steam therapy is incredibly relaxing and comfortable!

When I first put on the mask, I didn’t feel any warmth until after a minute or two. The heat peaked halfway through, and then gradually cooled off. During the 20 minutes, I noticed my eyes got a little sweaty from the heat. You might question whether the mask is too hot for the eyes, but from my experience, it gave a comfortable warm temperature ideal for putting me to sleep. Some reviewers have tried applying eye cream and eye serum after using the mask, but I haven’t as I tend to doze off and fall into deep sleep before the 20 minutes end. Nonetheless, this method is worth a try since the heat from the eye mask helps to open pores, making it easier for eye products to sink in.

True to its claims, the eye mask enhances deep sleep and eases headaches. Migraines are not an issue for me, but there was one time when I experienced an intense headache while working. It popped into my mind that I had these eye masks on hand, so I tried it out and my headache went away.

One downside of this eye mask is that it’s too loose for my face and doesn’t fit tightly enough over my eyes. I have to press it with my fingers to feel the actual heat. As I’m a fan of acupressure, I wondered, why not layer another cushioned eye mask on top of it? And… problem solved! It fit just the way I wanted. If you encounter a similar problem, try doing the same. I also found the mask’s aroma milder than expected. If you’re not a fan of lavender scent or strong fragrances, this one’s for you.

Final Verdict

Sheet masks aren’t the only masks to add to your vanity table. Getting an ample amount of sleep is crucial for maintaining beauty, and this eye mask is a real game changer. Providing instant relaxation in a packet, it’s the ultimate cure to exhaustion, late nights and excessive screen time.

These warming eye masks are ideal for surviving long journeys and for those who have trouble finding their inner zen. They also make great gifts for family and friends. However, for frequent users, I’d recommend investing in a reusable mask instead of disposable ones.

I intend to keep a constant supply of these masks at hand, and I’m now curious to try WellDerma’s Collagen Impact Sapphire Eye Mask (sapphire-enriched hydrogel eye patches) as well for more eye care!

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