How the Signs Reset for 2021 (Part Two)

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Signs & Attires

Continuing from part one, here are the rest of the zodiac sign readings based on designated tarot cards I pulled from the major arcana to get a sense of each sign’s current concerns. I’ve also included inspirations and mantras for how each sign can prepare for the new year.


Like fellow fire sign Sagittarians, Geminis will be focusing on self-improvement in the coming year. They may get a sudden itch to pick up old or unfinished projects again with the aim to improve or complete them. The Magician card represents manifestation, resourcefulness, power and inspired action. Geminis will need these qualities for their upcoming endeavors.

What you’ll need: Geminis can prepare for the new year by planning on how to accomplish their goals, whether they’re big or small, professional or personal. Invest in a project planner to better organize information and jot down progress. Need something simpler? A study planner is the perfect time-management tool for daily and weekly tasks! Be sure to grab a new desktop calendar to mark down important dates and deadlines. And don’t forget folders, which are great for storing drafts and materials.



The Tower card illustrates a scene of destruction: a tall tower struck by lightning and people inside escaping from the windows. Currently, Cancerians may be experiencing some personal crises. The Tower card symbolizes sudden and impactful changes; in the reversed position, it suggests resistance to inevitable personal transformations. Just keep going, Cancerians. You’ll feel a lot better once you recognize and accept those changes.

What you’ll need: Cancerians should take the time to relax and enjoy things that bring them comfort and peace. Soak in a hot bath, put on a soothing sheet mask, meditate or read your favorite book – just do what you love!



In the reversed position, the Lovers card signifies a misalignment, whether it’s within yourself or with people around you. In the case of inner conflicts, this could be a sign to start reflecting on love and respect for yourself. The holiday season may bring back bad memories, and Leos may feel torn because of this. Leos should not blame or punish themselves for the past, and focus on how to better their future!

What you’ll need: To start anew, Leos may benefit from sorting out their sentimental clutter before the new year. Start with that stash of memorabilia, which may be a source of stress! Get rid of things that bring bad energy, and organize the items that bring positivity by giving them a new home. For photos, consider arranging them in a new photo album or placing them in new photo frames.



The end of the year can be a tender time for Virgos physically, mentally and spiritually. The Hermit card stresses the necessity of winding down or embarking on some soul-searching. The card invites Virgos to retreat into their own worlds, either on their own or with like-minded companions, and reflect on their motivations, so they can emerge as their true selves in the coming year.

What you’ll need: Whatever Virgos decide to do, remember to look after yourselves! Cook wholesome meals, get enough sleep and enliven your living space with a bit of botanical therapy.



Maybe it’s the pre-New Year’s excitement, but Librans are buzzing with creativity and social skills at the moment. This may be the time for them to receive recognition for their skills and talents, so be sure to build up confidence and seize opportunities to shine! As the same time, the Temperance card in the reversed position encourages Librans to not get too carried away, as balance and moderation are key.

What you’ll need: Why not start with some year-end cleaning? Rearrange or reorganize spaces that will be used a lot in the coming year. You should work on projects in refreshing, inspiring and comfortable surroundings!



In welcoming the new year, the Empress card indicates a time for Scorpios to reconnect with their femininity. Femininity is not exclusive to women. The Empress card relates to various forms of feminine energy, such as creative expression, elegance, acts of nurturing, and things that please the senses. 2021 may be a year for Scorpios to discover a new sense of family and community – it could even lead them to venture out and redefine what home and relationships mean to them.

What you’ll need: Just as the card suggests, Scorpios can surround themselves with beautiful things and therapeutic experiences that invigorate the senses. Start by creating a home spa routine, lighting some scented candles, and planning new decor to refresh personal spaces.



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