Beat the Winter Blues with BANOBAGI’s Calming Care Moisture Pad

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The winter season has arrived. As temperatures and humidity drop, moisturization becomes the crux of our winter skin care regime. My skin has been screaming for moisture and hydration as I’ve been waking up to dry, red patches despite using essential oils and thicker creams.

When I heard about Korean skin care brand BANOBAGI’s Calming Care hydrating line, I jumped at the opportunity to test out their goodies to rehydrate my skin. Crafted by dermo-cosmetic beauty experts, BANOBAGI’s products go back to basics with hypoallergenic ingredients. Key ingredients in the Calming Care line include hyaluronic acid, rose extract, calamine and ceramide that hydrate oily skin types like mine. I tried one item from this line, the Calming Care Moisture Pad.

BANOBAGI Calming Care Moisture Pad

The Calming Care Moisture Pad serves two functions – moisturize skin and remove dead skin cells. It contains Blue Complex, which is composed of lavender, centaurea cyanus, clary, hyacinth, chamomile and borage to maintain skin moisture, and Red Snow, a patented ingredient that boasts antioxidant and collagen-boosting effects from camellia japonica. BANOBAGI’s Calming Care Moisture Pad claims to balance skin’s pH levels, soothe skin, brighten complexion and prevent signs of aging. Let’s see if it does!

My Experience

First off, I was drawn to the sweet and simple pink round tub. With 60 pads inside, there was plenty of essence to go around. The pads are made from 100% pure cotton, which is an ideal non-irritating material for those with sensitive skin like mine. Each side of the pad serves a different function: the bumpy side clears out dead skin cells, while the smooth, softer side wipes clean any residue.

After cleansing my face with my go-to face wash, I patted it dry and took out a moisture pad. I did a full-on swipe of my face using the bumpy side, and then gently patted my skin with the softer side to let it soak in the toner. I used my fingertips to further pat the essence into my skin. The pad’s liquid essence was as lightweight and smooth as water.

Combating oily skin, the pads leave skin fresh and matte by mitigating sebum production while locking in moisture. My skin felt cooled, smooth and suppler after use, and no sticky texture was left on my skin. When I applied creams to my face afterwards, they absorbed better into my skin.

After using the moisture pads twice a day for a solid week, I noticed that my dry patches were fading and my skin tone became more even. As the product claims, my face looked brighter and livelier!

BANOBAGI Calming Care Moisture Pad

Final Verdict

BANOBAGI’s Calming Care Moisture Pad indeed did the trick. I highly recommend adding it to your skin care routine if you’re looking to tackle dry patches and reduce dullness. It provides long-lasting moisture without suffocating skin.

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