Chapter 57: Hair Care Tips for the Holiday Season

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Besides taking care of your skin throughout the holidays, it’s also important to pay attention to your hair. This is the time of year when you’re more likely to use hair dryers, straighteners or curlers to style your locks. The downside is the heat damage from frequently using these tools can lead to hair breakage.

Want healthier and shinier tresses this festive season? Follow these five tips:  

Hair care tip #1: Wash hair daily with a gentle shampoo

If you use a lot of hair products such as styling creams or hair spray, it’s important to wash your hair daily to get rid of any product buildup. On wash days, reach for a shampoo that leaves tresses feeling clean but not straw-like.

A gentle shampoo like AROMATICA’s B5+ Biotin Fortifying Shampoo works perfectly for all hair types, especially dry, brittle hair. Thanks to the biotin and Vitamin B5 in its formula, this shampoo helps strengthen locks and gives them a glossy finish.


Want your tresses to smell good during holiday gatherings? Use a lightly scented shampoo. esfolio’s Perfume Shampoo features a gentle formula that contains seaweed and plant extracts to strengthen, nourish and protect hair from further damage. This shampoo is available in three scents: #01 Peony, #02 Jasmine and #03 Musk.


Hair care tip #2: Never skip conditioner

Washing your hair with shampoo isn’t enough. To keep locks soft during the holiday season, make sure to include conditioner in your hair care routine.  

Nourish hair with Lador’s Moisture Balancing Conditioner, a silicone-free conditioner that adds moisture back to your hair and keeps it soft and healthy. This conditioner also smooths your strands, making them easier to comb post-shower. 

Applying conditioner to your roots can weigh them down, so make sure to only apply it from the middle to the ends of strands. 

Hair care tip #3: Nourish dry ends with hair oil

Do the ends of your hair feel dry or coarse? Hair oil can do wonders for this issue, especially for those with colored hair. 

Massage a few drops of hair oil on slightly damp or towel-dried hair, and comb through to ensure the oil spreads evenly. If your locks tend to feel dry after styling or using a hair dryer, nourish the dry parts with hair oil and you’re good to go! Hair oils don’t just hydrate tresses but also give them a healthy shine. Go for hair oils like ones from HOLIKA HOLIKA, Lador, DARIYA or A’PIEU.

Bear in mind that hair oils can make your hair look greasy, so it’s best not to go overboard. Remember, a little goes a long way. 

Hair care tip #4: Try an at-home hair treatment

Adding a hair mask or treatment is essential to get your hair ready for holiday gatherings. If your locks need extra TLC, go for G9SKIN’s Self Aesthetic Silky Hair Mask. It nourishes and repairs damaged hair while replenishing hair’s natural shine. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and you can say goodbye to bad hair days!

Hair care tip #5: Use hair ampoules to prevent hair loss 

Hair loss is normal. However, if you’re losing more strands than usual, try incorporating hair ampoules into your daily routine to strengthen tresses.

Ottie’s Floland Premium Keratin Change Ampoule is rich in khaki fruit, camellia japonica leaf and ceratonia silique fruit extracts, along with 17 kinds of amino acids that encourage growth and deliver deep nourishment to strands. You can reap its nourishing benefits by mixing equal parts of the ampoule with water, and applying it on towel-dried hair after you shampoo. 


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