How the Signs Reset for 2021 (Part One)

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Signs & Attires

I bet you all can’t wait to wave goodbye to 2020. This year definitely did not go according to plans! Before we welcome 2021 with open arms, it’s that time of the year to set our New Year’s resolutions. I pulled out tarot cards from the major arcana to get a sense of what each sign is going through, and to provide some inspiration for how to start afresh in the coming year.


The Death card indicates significant change, transformation or transition. In the reversed position, it suggests that meaningful change lies ahead, but Sagittarians may find themselves going against such changes for emotional or physical reasons. These changes are bound to happen, so instead of being overwhelmed with doubts and worries, undergo the necessary preparations to make the ride less bumpy.

What you’ll need: Take the time to research and think things out for the year ahead. Investing in a study planner will help Sagittarians optimize and allocate time to each subject equally. A brand new notebook, bullet journal and stationery can also serve as motivation to plan for 2021!


The Chariot card in the upright position represents strength, determination and willpower. Currently, Capricorns may feel shrouded by doubt as it seems like their hard work hasn’t paid off. Fret not, as bigger, brighter things await at the end of the tunnel! Like a chariot, Capricorns will charge through the New Year with confidence! All they need is to regain self-assurance that they can overcome whatever challenges turn up. Just keep going and have faith!

What you’ll need: Dear Capricorns, it’s time dump all those scrap papers, unneeded notes and old calendars in the trash. Clearing out stuff that reminds of failure and self-doubt is a great way to start the year afresh! As for stuff that must be kept, organize it neatly in sleek organizers and storage boxes.


Like the name of the card, Strength is exactly what Aquarians need for their upcoming endeavors. The start of 2021 will be challenging, but the journey will be a valuable experience. This card represents inner strength, which will help them power through rough times and emerge as more confident and mature versions of themselves!

What you’ll need: It’s important to maintain a positive mindset! Line up activities that spark joy, like baking, movie marathons and board games. Need something more permanent? Consider embellishing the living room or work space with things that spark joy. Have fun decorating!


When in the reversed position, the World card suggests a journey of personal closure as well as possible delays to current plans. It may concern a long-running project that seems to never end, or severing old attachments and relationships. This can all be very overwhelming for Pisceans, and the accumulating disappointments and displeasures may distract them from things that truly matter. While the reversed World card illustrates Piscean’s frustrations, it also reminds them to re-focus on their goals and commitments.

What you’ll need: When stressed, Pisceans often turn to retail therapy as a coping mechanism, so it’s no surprise that they’ve accumulated extensive collections of impulse purchases. Take this opportunity to Marie Kondo everything!


For Arians, the Hanged Man is like a friend who won’t hesitate to shake them out of a vicious cycle. In the upright position, the card signifies a release from existing habits, projects or relations, which in turn will bring new perspectives and opportunities. Arians may find themselves stuck in some unhealthy routines or uninspiring situations. It’s not easy to change but take this time to slowly learn and adapt to new perspectives.

What you’ll need: The first step to change is decluttering! Is there a drawer or box lying around with contents that rarely see the light of day? Start with that. Sift out the things that aren’t needed, reorganize what’s left, and then move on to the next box.


The Moon card in the reversed position signals that Taureans are trying to cope with fears and anxieties. Temporarily casting these emotions aside may provide short-term relief, but in order to truly move on, it’s important for Taureans to overcome their fears, even if it will be a long, hard journey ahead. The reversed Moon can also be interpreted as a reminder for Taureans to trust their instincts and listen to their inner voice.

What you’ll need: It can be incredibly satisfying and cathartic to purge bathroom cabinets and vanity tables of unnecessary clutter. Taureans, you really don’t need all those miniature bottles and endless samples that have been accumulated for future trips. The bathroom and vanity table are both spaces for getting ready. Rearranging and reorganizing these spaces can help Taureans feel more refreshed in the morning and calmer at the end of a long day.

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