Small Talk: BELLAMONSTER’s Body Care Solution Honey Body Pad & D-Day Solution Skin Fit Mask

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This year, we tried out a lot of fun and efficacious skin care products on Small Talk. It’s no secret that sheet masks are a Small Talk staple, as the YesStylist editors have reviewed ones from Mediheal, Crystal Mask and Candy O’Lady. Before 2020 ends, we decided to try one final moisturizing sheet mask from BELLAMONSTER, a brand that none of us had trialed yet. To address the clear absence in body care products on Small Talk, we also picked a body care item!

Best-known for its award-winning solution pads, BELLAMONSTER currently offers five product lines (Stress Out Solution, Sensitive Care Solution, Blemish Care Solution, UV Cut Solution and D-Day Solution) that solve various skin concerns using mild formulas and naturally derived ingredients. This time around, we put the D-Day Solution Skin Fit Mask and Body Care Solution Honey Body Pad to the test. The former is a coconut skin fit sheet mask packed with 95% naturally derived essence to moisturize and plump skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The latter is a glove-shaped exfoliating body pad packed with moisturizing ingredients and honey extract to nourish and condition skin, as well as centella asiatica extract to calm sensitive skin and restore its balance. Read on for our thoughts on this Korean brand and its unique body care product!

Sarah: Apart from all the skin care we’ve been trying lately, how has everyone been caring for their body? Especially since it’s gotten much colder and drier. 🥶

Dianne: Been browsing! I’m not really sure where to start with body care apart from body lotion tbh. 😂

Michelle: Exactly! I’ve been slathering on loads of body lotion – but my skin’s still crying out for more moisture. 😢

Romy: I’ve started incorporating body care into my daily routine as the cold weather isn’t helping my dry skin!

Zoe: I’ve been pretty diligent with moisturizing my face but too lazy to properly cover myself in body lotion. 😂 I rely on the occasional leftover essences from my sheet masks, and maybe apply moisturizers on dry patches! Guess I need to do better, haha.

Sarah: I’ve been eyeing this body pad that you actually wear as a glove and massage all over your body! I’ve never seen anything like it. 😍

Michelle: Ooooo… I’m intrigued.

Zoe: Let’s try!

Romy: I love the idea of this!

Dianne: It reminds me of those Korean body scrubs!

Sarah: Yay, let’s do it! We can try it along with this sheet mask for double the moisture.

Sarah: I’m brand new to BELLAMONSTER, and I’ve been won over after trying these two products! What did you girls think?

Zoe: Omg, I liked them better than anticipated. 😂 The idea of using them both together at the same time is 👌.

Romy: Same! I wasn’t expecting to love them as much as I did, especially the honey body pad.

Michelle: Yeah, at first I found it funny how the body pad resembles an oven glove, but wow it was super soothing! Definitely sold.

Zoe: I was worried it would have that beer-like honey scent, like all the other honey-infused skin care products, but it actually smells and feels super refreshing! Guessing it’s the centella?

Dianne: Yes, the honey body pad is a definite repurchase! I love that there are two holes for the thumbs so you can use both sides easily. 👌

Romy: Haha, I love how it fits like a glove. I have keratosis pilaris (KP) on my arms and using the body pad made my skin so soft and gave it just the right amount of moisture. I agree with Zoe ­– it smells refreshing!

Sarah: I love the design of the body pad as it’s super easy to use! It made my skin feel well-cleansed, soft and smooth – along with a subtle, healthy-looking glow!

Zoe: I was expecting it to feel like a sheet mask, but it was more like a giant toner pad for your body! It wasn’t as drippingly moisturizing as I imagined, but defo hydrating enough for my dry patches. 😂

Romy: Same here! I thought it would be a mess to use with excess essence dripping everywhere, but I’m glad it was the opposite.

Dianne: The dripping honey on the packaging made us think it was gonna be sopping in essence. 😂

Michelle: I love how it’s super easy to get all those hard-to-reach bits! Just a quick rub and my skin’s fully moisturized – no need for lotions and scrubs!

Sarah: I sometimes use toner pads on my body LOL, so this is an answer to my prayers! I second Michelle’s point about hard-to-reach places. Definitely useful for camping trips and the like. 👍

Romy: True, using a body pad is less of a hassle than scrubbing my body in the shower and cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Dianne: This is über convenient, though my skin felt slightly sticky after the essence completely dried. Did you guys experience the same thing? 🤔

Zoe: That’s strange 😲 I found the finishing just right, and non-sticky!

Romy: Oh really? I didn’t experience that. My skin felt smooth and hydrated.

Sarah: I found it slightly sticky right after I applied it, but it dried off to a barely-there finish super quickly!

Michelle: Same! In fact, what I liked about it was how non-sticky it was!

Zoe: Did anybody use the body solution while wearing the D-Day Skin Solution Skin Fit Mask? Best of both worlds. 😂

Romy: I used them separately, but now I wish I used them at the same time!

Dianne: Although the body pad was slightly sticky to me, it wasn’t as sticky as the mask. 😂

Sarah: Omg, the texture was SUPER thick and rubbery, so it was hard to open up the sheet and get it on my face. 😂 But afterwards, it grew on me because it’s sooo smooth and fits on the contours of my face well! I also thought the essence was really moisturizing and had a light and natural scent!

Dianne: Sooooo goooey! Shaking the packaging was fun but unraveling the mask was not. The mask itself was amazing! I love the hydrogel texture, but the essence… I was not 100% on board. 😂

Romy: Haha, I enjoyed the shaking part too. Using the mask was SUCH a struggle. I was trying my best to be as gentle as possible because I was scared I would tear the mask while opening it up. 😂 In terms of the texture, I loved how thick it was, but it didn’t sit well on my skin. It was way too sticky for me.

Zoe: It was fiddly to put on at first, but it’s easy to smooth out air bubbles once it’s on. 😂 It reminded me of the GPS mask from TROIAREUKE I used ages ago! I love coconut sheet masks. They feel so silky on skin and the adherence is ❤.

Michelle: OH YEAH, I was so sure I was gonna destroy a perfectly good mask in the process of unfolding it! That aside, I did love how it adhered to my face – it felt almost airtight. 🤩

Zoe: Btw, I found the fit a little bigger than usual. Did anybody else have that problem? The mask kept covering my top lip no matter how I moved it lol.

Dianne: When do I NOT have that problem? 😐

Romy: Haha, it was quite big for me too. I couldn’t talk with the mask on. Otherwise, I would end up eating the essence. 😂

Zoe: I even put one on my boyfriend (he’s got a much bigger face and most sheet masks are small on him), and he had the same problem!

Sarah: Oh no, I thought it fit pretty well LOL… Except it kind of drooped on my eyes and got some essence in them. 😞

Michelle: It mostly fit, but I had the same problem as Sarah! I had to fiddle with the sheet a couple of times to stop the essence from trickling into my eyes.

Dianne: Omg no! But then again, there’s so much essence. It’s best to use it lying down so it doesn’t move much!

Romy: Did it sting your eyes?

Michelle: Not particularly, thankfully! That aside, I still find it a pretty good mask! I woke up the next day and my skin looked all smooth and bright~

Romy: I agree, it’s a good one for winter. My skin felt very hydrated and plump afterwards. 😊

Dianne: Definitely~ Though out of the two, the body pad was my fave. 🥰

Romy: Same! I need to repurchase the whole set of the body pad.

Sarah: If I had to choose a product to try again, it’d prob be the sheet mask! The houttuynia cordata water worked its wonders to give me smooth and moisturized skin, and I’m a major sucker for its fit! Also curious to see what effects it’d have on fine lines and wrinkles~

Zoe: This is my first time trying anything from BELLAMONSTER and I’m defo excited to check out its other stuff! I heard the solution toner pads are pretty good too! There’s one for every skin concern. 😮

Romy: I’ve been eyeing those toner pads too, especially the Stress Out Solution Pad!

Michelle: The body pad was a clear winner for me, but now I’m super intrigued by the toner pads! More stuff to add to my never-ending wish list. 💸

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