Feeling Festive with I’m from’s Fig Line

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I love to try new beauty brands, especially those that focus on natural ingredients and minimalistic formulations. The Korean brand I’m from values transparency, which explains the detailed list of ingredients on its packaging, along with information about where its star ingredients were sourced, farmed and harvested.

Figs are quite the festive fruit, but not one of my favorites. Still, I persuaded myself to try I’m from’s Fig line. Why? Turns out figs possess an abundance of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, good fatty acids and vitamins – all the more reason to reconsider my stance on the fruit! On top of that, I’m from’s series seems like a perfect choice to add a festive touch to my December skin routine.

Fig Cleansing Balm

What is it? A vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic and moisturizing makeup remover, this all-in-one oil and milk cleanser helps to brighten dull complexions and purify pores.

What it claims: The cleansing balm is enriched with 7.8% fig oil water, which is extracted through a process known as the oil maceration method in order to preserve and maximize the ingredients’ efficacy and effects. This method consists of submerging raw ingredients in hot oils for weeks in airtight containers to slowly separate the components.

In detail:

Housed in a plum-colored plastic tub, the cleansing balm comes in a soft, baby pink sherbet texture that instantly emulsifies into a milky oil upon contact with skin.

Just like the fruit itself, the balm comes with a creamy and sweet fragrance that might not be for everyone. Aside from being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the balm is said to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture while nourishing a dry, irritated complexion.

I’ve incorporated the cleansing balm into my double cleansing routine. Gentle and easy to use, it’s perfect for quickly removing my makeup and grime from the day, without leaving my skin feeling stripped or taut.

I plop a single scoop of the product onto my fingers and, like all my other skin care steps, I warm up the formula with my hands before massaging it onto my face. Then I rinse it off with lukewarm water, wiping away any remnants with a cotton pad. Using the balm once is usually enough to remove my daily makeup, but I prefer cleansing twice with it, given its multifunctional nature.

Fig Boosting Essence

What is it? A multi-purpose and lightweight essence that smooths and hydrates skin after cleansing.

What it claims: It contains 62.7% fig extract, which is extracted through a molecular press dehydration method. This environmentally friendly process dries raw ingredients slowly to ensure effective extraction of its benefits.

In detail:

The Fig Boosting Essence comes in a light lilac-hued glass bottle, and the essence itself is a cloudy solution that bears a gentle fig scent.

The Fig Boosting Essence comes in a light lilac-hued glass bottle, and the essence itself is a cloudy solution that bears a gentle fig scent. It glides easily on skin, but the finish is a little stickier than my usual essences and toners. To test out its full potential, I used this as a toner step in my morning routine and after a Dear, Klairs toner in the evening.

The essence contains natural BHA to gently buff away accumulated dead skin cells. Apparently, this effect is more prominent when the solution is soaked in cotton pads and left on skin for a couple of minutes, but I haven’t tried this approach yet.

Fig Scrub Mask

What is it? A physical exfoliator and wash-off mask formulated with fig powder and black sugar to buff away dead skin cells, revealing smooth yet hydrated skin.

In detail:

Similar to the essence, this mask is packaged in a lilac-tinted glass jar.

The thick brown concoction boasts a sugary fig scent. Much like common sugar scrubs, the mask can be fiddly to put on even with its designated spatula. A physical exfoliator like this can be harsh on certain skin types, but to my surprise, the Fig Scrub Mask is gentle on my dry and sensitive skin.

I used it once or twice a week depending on how my skin felt, and not once did the formula irritate my skin. Instead, my face felt extra soft and smooth after every use! I’ve also used it as a body scrub, and the effects were similar even on areas with rougher skin, such as the feet. However, a single use of this exfoliator for the body consumed a fourth of the product, since it contains only 120g after all.

The Verdict

Out of the trio, my favorite is the Fig Cleansing Balm, which made removing stubborn, waterproof and heavy eye makeup a breeze. The Fig Boosting Essence leaves my face dewy and hydrated, which is perfect for the current weather, but it’s a little stickier than essences and toners I usually use. For the Fig Scrub Mask, I love how it left my skin super soft and smooth, but I still prefer a clay mask for more noticeable blackhead removal.

After three weeks of continuous use, I grew to love the impressive skin care benefits of fig, but the strong scent remains a drawback for me. However, I can attest to the brilliant moisturizing effects of this range as I’ve not seen a single dry patch on my skin! I’d recommend all three products for those in need of a moisture boost or gentler pore care for winter. If you’re a fan of figs, then give I’m from’s Fig line a go!

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