Cyberpunk Fashion from Aespa’s Debut MV “Black Mamba”

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SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, Aespa, released the debut single Black Mamba on November 17. The song’s music video made history by amassing ten million views on YouTube in just nine hours, the fastest ever for a K-pop debut MV. It’s no surprise that Aespa made a splash, as the group pioneers an experimental format combining both regular members in the real world and avatars in the virtual world. The group consists of four members: leader and main dancer Karina, Japanese-Korean main rapper Giselle, Chinese maknae and vocalist Ningning and lead vocalist Winter, as well as their avatar counterparts.

The music video for Black Mamba not only gives us some insight about the Aespa universe, but it’s also a visually stimulating piece that depicts a surreal world with neon-lit landscapes and futuristic technology. In keeping with their psychedelic world, the clothes worn by members are daring, modern and truly extra. I’ve picked out three of the most wearable group outfits that you can recreate, so read on to get inspired by the girls’ sparkly, colorful and super fun take on cyberpunk fashion!

Outfit #1

This first set of looks features hues of pink and purple as well as plenty of party-ready bling. It’s worth noting that the girls are only seen in cool-toned, silver accessories throughout the MV, in line with the futuristic mood. Typically casual pieces like half-zip tops, shorts and cargo pants are given a glam reimagining in silky, glittery and velvety textures, while figure-hugging cuts and fun patterns (like tie-dye and animal print) keep things modern. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that each member rocks a chain belt that incorporates her official symbol!

At the start of the MV, Karina dons an outfit that’s devoid of the more casual, grungy elements seen on the other girls. Her purple spaghetti-strap dress paired with glittery silver booties is unabashedly girly. Although her high-shine dress is already attention-grabbing, she accessorizes with a fringed body chain and heart waist chain for enhanced movement. Finally, she finishes off with silver jewelry in the form of a chunky chain choker and heart drop earrings.

Giselle’s outfit features a silky swirl-patterned sleeveless top in pink and purple as well as matching silky purple cargo pants featuring large side pockets. Her official symbol is a moon, so this crescent-moon-and-star chain belt is the perfect finishing touch. Classic lace-up black boots boost the cargo pants’ industrial toughness.

Ningning’s outfit is def bold, paying homage to the 2000s velour tracksuit trend in a long-sleeve half-zip top, and marrying that with this season’s animal print trend in a pair of high-waist hot pink shorts. She shows off her official symbol with a colorful butterfly chain necklace and layered butterfly chain belt but keeps things simple with large hoop earrings. Throwing in one last pop of color, she goes for patent purple booties that give off a funky, retro feel!

Winter’s outfit consists of a glittery pink cami under a pink fishnet mock-neck, but you can also opt for a more convenient version that combines mesh and glitter panels in one top. Her tie-dye shorts mirror Giselle’s top, while her lace-up black boots feature white contrast trim and laces for a trendy touch. She accessorizes with a layered pearl necklace in pink to match her top, as well as a star chain belt.

Outfit #2

For the second set of looks, the girls go for a more prim and proper air, evident in the cardigans, blazers, puff-sleeve blouses and skirts. Key colors in their outfits are lavender, yellow and black, which echo the backdrop of the scene. The girls are in a futuristic train car whose ground is a lavender field, while the titular black mamba, a villain that interferes with the members’ connections with their avatars, slithers in and out through the cabin’s doors.

Exuding major boss babe energy, Karina wears a purple mesh turtleneck under a short-sleeved yellow blazer with rhinestone epaulets. She keeps things flirty with a pleated mini skirt in a luxe chain print featuring pops of yellow. On the accessories front, she goes elegant with fringed rhinestone earrings, layered pearl necklaces and a thin black belt with a gold-tone rectangular buckle.

Building a cohesive, fashion-forward outfit with a bag of mixed influences, Winter’s layering game is clearly next level. She deftly balances sensual and cozy vibes in a sheer lace top and a fuzzy argyle cardigan. Her layered pearl necklaces and yellow flap mini skirt complement the preppy, ladylike appeal of the lace-and-knit combo, while her wide white medallion belt gives off a Western-inspired aura. A piece that’s uniquely hers, a layered star chain belt representing her official object, ties the outfit together.

Giselle’s soft, dreamy lavender mesh top comes with a twist neckline, dramatic puff sleeves and rhinestone embellishments. To match the sparkly touches, her side-bow black mini skirt also comes with sequin trim. Her outfit is adorned with a rhinestone belt and threader earrings for a sleek ensemble.

The only member not dressed in a mini skirt, Ningning has the most low-key outfit of the four. Her black long-sleeve fishnet crop top is a subtle nod to athleisure, while the bright yellow shorts keep the group’s color scheme going. She adds interest with a two-tier chain necklace and a butterfly charm belt that extends into a cross-body strap.

Outfit #3

If the first look was glam and the second prim, then this third one is the most down-to-earth. Their hip-hop-influenced outfits feature crop tops over sports bras, slouchy windbreaker pants and body chains, while also staying true to Aespa’s style with plenty of rhinestone embellishments and lace-up boots. Making the most of their comfortable wear, the girls bust a move in a now darkened train car, letting their neon green ‘fits take center stage.

Similar to her last outfit, Ningning wears yet another long-sleeve fishnet crop top, only this time in neon green. Her black windbreaker pants are not only easy to move around in, but they’re also accented with a lettering waistband for bonus street-style points. She breaks the neon and black theme with some rainbow pieces, namely a chain hanging from her pants and some hoop earrings.

Winter rocks a neon green fishnet crop top that mimics the pink fishnet mock-neck she wore in an earlier outfit. Her black pleated mini skirt comes with a thigh strap for grungy vibes, which are further enhanced by a spiked choker and white acrylic chain choker. She accentuates her waist and adds sparkle with a minimal waist chain and a thicker rhinestone belt with a circular buckle. Finally, her black boots with white contrast laces ground the look in its edgy undercurrent.

Compared to the others’ rather swaggy get-ups, Giselle’s outfit has a slight girl-next-door charm. She wears a neon green short-sleeve cropped T-shirt with little bow accents, a pair of plain black tights and lace-up black boots. Proving that even a tee-and-leggings combo can be made fancy with a few choice accessories, she incorporates a layered chain belt and a thick rhinestone choker to the look.

Karina’s outfit comprises the same fundamental pieces as Ningning’s: a cropped long-sleeve mesh top and baggy windbreaker pants with an acrylic chain hanging from them. The only difference is in colors, with her top in black, pants in neon green, and chain in blue. While Ningning goes for youthful, rainbow-hued jewelry, Karina goes for sparkly silver bling including a bust chain, layered rhinestone chokers and a rhinestone cuff bracelet. Although Karina’s overall look is urban, these accessories inject some of that glam, party-ready charm from her earlier purple dress ensemble, cementing her status as queen diva.


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