Say Hello to Beau-tea-ful Skin with Benton’s Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam and Serum

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Before I begin my review on the two Benton products I tried this month, I want to share a fun fact about the brand itself. Benton was named after the 2008 American fantasy romantic film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which the main character (Brad Pitt) grows younger over time. The name signifies that Benton’s products are designed to restore skin to its most youthful and refreshed state.


Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam and Serum

Products from Benton’s Deep Green Tea line are enriched with Boseong green tea extract that calms, soothes and hydrates irritated skin. I’ve always loved green tea products so I was stoked to try the line’s cleansing foam and serum!

Benton straddles the line between natural and effective skin care. Leaving out fragrances and colorings, its products are especially suitable for sensitive skin. Since I just have normal skin, I decided to try the products with my sister who has sensitive skin to see how they fare on different skin types.


The packaging deserves five thumbs up. I always favor skin care brands with minimalist packaging, especially now that I’m more environmentally conscious. It’s nice that the packaging is in keeping with Benton’s eco-friendly mission! To minimize waste and protect the environment, the boxes are made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane bagasse fibers with soy-ink printing. The serum is contained in a transparent plastic bottle so you know how much product is left. Another plus for careless people like me is that the bottle comes with a stopper to prevent spillage.

Scent and Textures

As a green tea fan, I love the subtle and refreshing green tea scent of both products. Like the product packaging, the scent is minimal and barely noticeable. This is good news because fragrance can be irritating for a lot of people. Many skin care products use artificial fragrance just to create an appealing first impression for customers. As much as I’ve enjoyed scented products in the past, I know they add zero value to my skin’s condition. Thumbs up to Benton for not adding fragrances to its products!

Thick gooey products are a big no for me. Fortunately, I immediately fell in love with the moisturizing, non-greasy and non-tacky textures of both the cleansing foam and serum! One of my favorite things about the cleansing foam is that a little goes a long way. Boasting more of a clay-like than a foamy texture, it spreads easily and lathers up wonderfully. Like the cleansing foam, the serum has a delicate texture and quickly absorbs into skin while giving a cool sensation.


I tested both the cleansing foam and serum as part of my daily skin care routine along with products from other brands. I used them mainly in the mornings, but they’re also suitable for evenings. 

On my first use , I noticed that my skin felt a bit tight afterwards. However, I can’t say for sure that these products were the cause of the stinging because I used them with my other daily skin care. After adding these two products to my morning routine, my makeup went on well and my T-zone remained shine-free the entire day.

As for my sister, at first she had second thoughts on whether she should try the products, worrying they’d worsen her current skin condition. She tried the cleansing foam and there were no signs of irritation. I was pleasantly surprised when my sister told me she’ll definitely repurchase since it works well for her sensitive skin. Seems like what started as a skeptical experiment might turn out to be true love…

Overall, both my sister and I are quite pleased with the results. Our skin has become so much smoother and plumper! We’ll have to see whether the positive effects persist in the long run, but we’re happy with the results so far. 


I could already see some changes to my skin after one week of adding the Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam and Serum into my daily routine. They worked really well together and left skin cleansed and soft. Since my skin felt a bit tight after use, make sure to complement them with a potent moisturizer if you have dry skin and you should be good! I’d recommend them to anyone who’s testing the waters to find skin care products for long-term use, particularly for those with oily skin.

This is my first time trying products from Benton, and I reckon they might become staples in my  routine. I’ve heard many good reviews about the Deep Green Tea line, and I’m now curious to also try out its toner and lotion. I’m sold on the brand’s no-frills packaging as well. It feels extra satisfying to enjoy good skin care without hurting the environment!

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