Abib’s Crème de la Crème of Moisturizing Face Masks

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Abib is a name that I’ve never come across, but there’s something unique about this Korean skin care brand that sparked my curiosity. I was drawn to its subtle aesthetics at first. Upon further investigation, I learned the brand name comes from the Hebrew word for “green ears of grain,” which symbolizes sowing seeds for new growth and hence a new beginning. This beautiful representation resonates with my personal belief that we are all planting the seeds to something big every day, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Drawn to Abib’s story, I set out to see whether I can achieve effortless beauty through two of its Crème Coating masks – the Tone-Up Solution and the Cooling Solution. As I have sensitive, eczema-prone skin, I tend to be reluctant to try out new brands. I look out for neutral ingredients that are safe for my skin and also hydrating. Both Abib masks seem to fit the bill, and I had high hopes that their minimal packaging would translate to their formulations.

Abib Creme Coating Masks - two solutions

Scroll through to see the story behind each mask.

Crème Coating Mask – Cooling Solution

The mask’s cream-based formula is infused with tea tree leaf oil alongside agave, centella, witch hazel and houttuynia cordata extracts. I went in with the expectation that its simple formulation would effectively satiate my skin’s appetite for hydration. I also hoped it would calm and soothe my skin.

Abib designed this cream mask to deeply nourish skin and lower skin’s temperature. I refrigerated it before use for extra cooling. The mask came in two sheets, which were thick and a bit firm for a perfect fit to face. The mask was coated with a milky white essence that provided moisture, though the texture wasn’t as smooth as I expected. The cooling effect was also not that noticeable, but after 15 minutes of application, my skin felt robustly moisturized. Hydration is much needed for my skin now as temperatures and humidity levels are dropping. I gently patted in the remaining essence on my face once the mask was removed.

Abib Creme Coating Mask - Cooling Solution

Crème Coating Mask – Tone-Up Solution

The Tone-Up Solution is meant to brighten up skin with niacinamide and moisturize with its cream coat. The addition of centella and chamomile extracts in its formulation helps soothe skin. I was ready to hop on the brightening bandwagon to a better and brighter future!

Like the Cooling Solution, the fabric of the two sheets was thick. The sheets were also a bit big for my face, so I had to adjust the mask several times during use. On the plus side, my skin felt thoroughly nourished by the formula, which didn’t easily evaporate throughout the ten minutes of application. This dense cream mask was soothing but too moisturizing for me, as my skin was on the oilier side during the trial. As a result, I kept the mask on for only ten minutes. I believe it’ll take a few more applications for my skin to be noticeably brighter.

Abib Creme Coating Mask - Tone-up Solution

Final Verdict

My high expectations coming in may have contributed to an underwhelming experience. As the name suggests, Abib’s Crème Coating Mask has a thicker, creamier consistency than most other masks and will deeply nourish skin. However, my skin felt heavy rather than lightweight and refreshed after use. The mask texture was a little clumpy and didn’t stick on my face too comfortably.  If you were to ask me whether or not I’d recommend these masks, I would lean towards a no, though it all depends on your skin type and what you’re looking for. If you have dry skin or are in need of immediate moisturization, then Abib’s Crème Coating Mask may be just for you.

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