CosmoTrends: The Latest Beauty Trends from Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020

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This year’s been tougher than ever for the beauty industry. Our needs and behaviors are changing, and this sector is adapting to new trends to meet those demands.

Held on November 9-13, the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020 has just announced the latest beauty trends observed via exhibitors’ submissions across the world. Known as the CosmoTrends, this collaborative report with beauty trend-forecasting company Beautystreams highlights six major trends to come:

Beauty devices are trending, fueled by lockdowns and the need for at-home salon-grade beauty treatments. Light Emitting Diode (LED) masks, skin analyzers, peeling machines, electronic cleansers and massagers are some of the beauty items in demand during the pandemic. Meanwhile, online consultations utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology look promising, just like how Zoom has taken the world by storm. These innovations are enhanced by customization to provide unique experiences for individual users.

Globalization was a frequently discussed topic before the pandemic, but localization now blossoms under the impact of travel restrictions. As we turn to our own lands for necessities and entertainment, we seek joy and comfort in rediscovering authentic and trustworthy local resources. Meanwhile, we channel our longing for vacations into products that offer a taste of far-off places.

We should never let our guard down against COVID-19. Multifunctional products that nourish skin while disinfecting it are more welcome than ever. Many hygiene products even combine fun with function, such as fancy fabric masks with humorous designs, cartoon-print mask folders, and travel-size hand sanitizers that double as bag charms. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

“In science we trust” should be the motto we all learn for 2020. In the era of fake news and misinformation, it’s crucial to think logically, perform fact checks and turn to items backed by scientific research. Clean beauty, a term used to describe products focused on minimal, non-harmful formulations, has gained prominence. Transparency in ingredients and production methods is also much appreciated.

While some people aim for clean beauty, others still rely on nature’s offerings. Essential oils, pure extractions, silicone-free formulations, probiotics and fermented ingredients are some keywords we look for in products. At the same time, there is greater awareness about the depletion of natural resources. We use our purchasing power to support eco-conscious beauty companies that advocate eco-friendly ingredients, sustainable production, recyclable packaging, local sourcing and giving back to environmental organizations.

Maskne is probably one of the most-searched beauty terms during the pandemic. As face masks become a part of our daily lives, our skin care and makeup needs have also changed. Some add soothing ingredients into routines to tackle irritations, while others secretly wear acne patches under masks. We count on smudge-proof lipsticks, sweatproof foundations and sebum-absorbing finishing powders to keep makeup in place even with our masks on. Eye makeup is even more important now, as the rest of our faces can be covered most of the day.

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