Starter Packs for Your 2020 Persona

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Before the year ends, let’s take a moment to see how you coped through it all. Are you the nostalgia addict who combated stress by binge-watching chick flicks and experimenting with 90s makeup looks? Did you become an eternal optimist who constantly bookmarks travel and home decoration inspo? Or are you now a budding Zen master who’s learnt to embrace it all, even maskne?

Explore the other sides of yourself that emerged during this challenging year and expand your style accordingly. Whatever your predilections, these carefully curated starter packs will help you ride out the rest of 2020 and beyond in impeccable style!

1. The Nostalgia Addict

Call it escapism or an appreciation for vintage aesthetics. You love a good dip into the past, whether it’s making playlists of your favorite 2010-era songs or recreating iconic looks from classic chick flicks, anime or Tim Burton’s entire back catalogue. This habit intensifies in uncertain times. If you have a hero, it’s probably someone glamorous, witty and long-dead. It’s also likely your bedroom is Marie Kondo’s worst nightmare due to all the cute stuff you can’t bear to part with! You tend to view the past through rose-tinted lenses, and have a cynical streak a mile wide.

Vintage-inspired ensembles are key to your style, running the gamut from 90s grunge to dark cottagecore to full-on Victoriana. For this starter pack, I’ve selected two pieces as gateways to retro-style goodness: an argyle vest in an old-timey pattern and cream-and-brown palette, as well as a statement-making qipao-inspired gown that’s romantic with an edge. Top things off with romand’s dreamily packaged lip gloss for extra throwback vibes. Looking to extend your nostalgia beyond the wardrobe? Go for fairy lights, a coin bank in the shape of a rotary phone and Greco-Roman-style ornaments. Then add the following to your wish list: a Crayon Shinchan coin purse in metallic pink and vintage-style stickers that are great for embellishing journals.

2. The Eternal Optimist

With an innate ability to see the best in people, you’re a natural at discovering that silver lining regardless of the situation. Thanks to your legendary organizational skills, your living space is clean, well-lit and free of clutter. Amongst your social circle, you’re the one most likely to have acquired a new hobby or achieved fitness goals over the course of this unexpectedly challenging year. As for coping mechanisms, you have plenty, including binging on travel inspo, sprucing up the home office, or discovering a hidden talent like baking. In an uncertain world, you believe in active self-improvement, quantifiable goals… and happy endings.

To reflect your mood-boosting style, I’ve selected a unicorn-colored cardi perfect for beating the winter blues, a flamingo-print tote that’s the sartorial equivalent of a Vitamin C boost, and a pistachio green phone case emblazoned with a smiley face. Since home decoration is one of your favorite pastimes, grab a wall organizer for some extra storage space and add inspirational quotes everywhere to stay on track. Your cooking and nail art skills have probably improved from all the extra practice this year, so here’s a crockery set in a whimsical strawberry print for future dinner parties, as well as a compact yet comprehensive mani kit for trimming, buffing and decorating nails. In preparation for less stressful times ahead, jot down your plans in this cutesy 2021 desk calendar!

3. The Budding Zen Master

Your self-care routine is all about going with the flow. You love a good body massage, sheet masking sesh or scented candle as much as anyone else, but can be equally satisfied from Netflixing the night away, dancing to K-pop jams or reading the latest volume of your favorite manga! When a malfunctioning alarm clock makes you miss that morning Zoom yoga class, you shrug and progress to an indulgent breakfast.

Whatever your original style, you’ve embraced slob-chic for practical reasons, but you can still add fashion-forward touches to your loungewear collection. I’ve selected a comfy, nightgown-style floral dress for everyday wear, a snuggly hoodie for chillier days and frill-trimmed plaid PJs for bedtime. This starter pack wouldn’t be complete without the essential 2020 accessory: a prettily patterned or brightly colored fabric mask. Pair yours with sparkly eye shadow in sultry shades for dramatic impact! This year more than ever, the eyes are getting all the attention.

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