Getting That Glow with I DEW CARE’s Vitamin To-Glow Pack

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I jumped in excitement when I found out I DEW CARE landed at YesStyle. This sister brand of K-Beauty cult favorites like I’M MEME, Nooni and Pony Effect is known for “seriously fun skin care.” I DEW CARE first caught my attention with its vibrant and cute aesthetics. Then its clever branding, superfood-focused ingredients, cruelty-free practices and vegan skin care secured it a top spot on my must-try beauty list.

It’s that time of the year again when dry winter air slowly creeps into the crevices of my skin – an especially challenging time for my dry, sensitive and eczema- and blemish-prone skin. On top of that, the increase of blemishes, hyperpigmentation and lackluster areas in my complexion, results of wearing masks all year, has been confidence-shattering.

Hoping for a last minute glow-up before my birthday this month, I opted to try I DEW CARE’s popular Vitamin To-Glow Pack. It includes a serum, gel cream and lip mask that all promise dewy and glowing skin.


Bright Side Up

What is it? A Vitamin C brightening serum with a lightweight, jelly-like texture that instantly hydrates and plumps up skin.

In detail:

Coming in a grapefruit-colored bottle that matches its scent, this concoction boasts a slightly gelatinous texture in mesmerizing pink. After dispensing one to two drops to my fingertips, I warmed up the serum with my fingers before applying. Initially, I was skeptical of its jam-like texture, assuming that it’d be gooey and syrupy. However, the texture glided on like silk and was absorbed almost instantaneously into my skin, leaving a matte finish.

Grapefruit extracts are naturally high in powerful antioxidants, which work wonders on visible signs of aging and dull complexions while providing protection against external stressors like pollution and dirt. The serum also contains glycerin, Vitamin E and B5 to replenish skin and retain moisture, as well as niacinamide to clarify and brighten.


Say You Dew

What is it? A moisturizing gel-cream packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C derivatives to give skin a quick burst of hydration and a long-lasting glow.

In detail:

This innovative moisturizer transforms from a fluorescent yellow gel to a banana-cream-like texture after swirling it with the enclosed spatula. Its soft, creamy texture slides on skin like a watery gel with a velvety touch, and leaves a dewy glow.


The combination of Vitamin C and anti-oxidizing lemon extract creates a synergy effect that brightens dull skin, while banana extract locks in moisture. Interestingly, this moisturizer bears a similar scent to the Bright Side Up serum, even though it doesn’t contain any grapefruit extracts.

The simple, effective and striking packaging is also worth mentioning. Designed to visually emulate the dual-layered formula inside, the tub consists of a frosted, transparent outer container that contrasts with the neon yellow inner compartment, lid and spatula.


Plush Party

What is it? Vitamin C-rich lip mask that brightens, nourishes and protects lips from pollutants, leaving them buttery smooth, soft and supple.

In detail:

Boasting a viscous consistency in bubbly flamingo pink, this overnight lip mask melts from a balm into a lacquer-like film. The texture was a little thicker than I expected and generated a mild tingling sensation, probably due to the AHA used to buff away dead skin. The tingling sensation dissipated in a minute or two, and it didn’t seem to agitate my lips further. Its Fanta-like orange fragrance remained for a long time.

The lip mask’s key ingredients include hibiscus flower extract, which is naturally loaded with AHA and Vitamin C to smooth and restore a healthy glow to skin. Also infused in the formula are shea butter and nourishing oils extracted from camellia seed, sweet almond, jojoba and more.


The Verdict

I’m a fan of natural, minimalist skin care, and synthetic-looking beauty products tend to scare me, so I was skeptical about Bright Side Up’s vibrant and quirky texture at first. To my surprise, I fell in love with the serum the moment I applied it on skin. The formula’s scent, texture and finish felt so good that I’d be happy to use it every single day, even if it doesn’t have any potent effects. It continued to impress me when I saw significant improvements on my stubborn blemishes that had persisted for two months.

Although Say You Dew is intended to be a daytime moisturizer, I’ve been using it at night, and it’s a fantastic moisturizer to conclude my evening skin regime. It gives a refreshing sensation and blissful scent, like downing a glass of thirst-quenching fruit juice during peak summer heat. Not only that, the innovative packaging and texture make this cream a seriously fun skin care product that embodies I DEW CARE’s philosophy.

As advised, I only applied Plush Party once or twice a week before sleep. Though my lips weren’t dry the next morning, I felt a slight stiffness from the film-like layer of the lip mask that still clung to my skin. This layer may have prevented moisture loss during slumber, but I’d like it more if I had woken up to softer and smoother lips. The slight tingling sensation it generated made me wary at first, but since it goes away quickly without any signs of allergic reaction, it’s fine overall.

All the hype around I DEW CARE made my expectations sky high before trying these three products. Yet, by the second day of use, I was already sold. I guess it’s only a matter of time before I try everything from the brand.

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