Pomegranate-Based Goodness with FRUDIA

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Widely touted as the jewels of winter, pomegranates come with proven skin care benefits for even the most temperamental complexions. Known for fruit-based skin care, Korean brand FRUDIA has successfully harnessed the antioxidant properties of this superfood to produce the Nutri-Moisturizing line. This time, I tried two of its most popular offerings: the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Eye Cream and the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask (also available in a set), both of which firm skin while re-balancing its moisture levels.

An eye cream is something I thought I’d be using on an everyday basis once I hit my late twenties, but I never started. However, as I grow older, the issues around my eyes have become major concerns. My under-eye circles show no sign of fading and my eyelids have an alarming tendency to droop, resulting in a tired appearance. It’s clear my failure to incorporate a good eye cream into my skin care routine is partly to blame for these issues, along with late nights, oily food and, of course, the effects of aging.

My recent trial of vanav’s powerful, multi-functional face massager the UP6, which features a mode dedicated to the eye area, finally pushed me to give the skin around my eyes some much-needed TLC. I’m also constantly on the lookout for a game-changing sheet mask that can restore suppleness to my increasingly rough and saggy skin. Designed to soothe, smooth and lift skin, FRUDIA’s pomegranate-juice-infused eye cream and mask might just be the ticket to revitalized eyes and a healthier-looking complexion.

So how did my eye area and general complexion fare after a week and a half of intensive usage? Read on for all the details!

1. Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Eye Cream

The Product: This special set comprises of two tubes of eye cream – a regular-sized (40ml) and a travel-sized (10ml) version. Both come in dusty rose packaging in keeping with FRUDIA’s sleek and simple aesthetic. Its star ingredient, of course, is pomegranate which, along with fruit seed oil, promises to hydrate skin, soften wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

The Low-Down: First off, I love the lightweight, non-greasy texture of the cream, which I applied in measured dollops around the corners of eyes as well as under the eyes. The milky formula instantly absorbed into skin. After intensive usage, I noticed a slightly less tired appearance to my eyes. Although my dark circles have not faded entirely, they are visibly less prominent.

Puffiness, droopiness and the beginning of fine lines remain issues, though. While I wasn’t expecting miracle results, the cream could have been a tad more hydrating, as the skin around my eyes were still frequently quite dry. As for its firming benefits, continued usage would probably reap more visible results.

As recommended by the brand, I applied the cream onto my neck as well. Interestingly, I noticed a more marked turnaround of skin quality in this area, including a reduction in neck lines and a slightly smoother appearance.

2. Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask

The Product: Infused with 46% pomegranate extract, which is chock-full of antioxidant-rich polyphenols, this hypoallergenic sheet mask comes in an uber-creamy formula primed to rescue rough, damaged skin that is starting to sag. It also offers a sustained burst of hydration.

The natural botanical mask sheet is produced without bleach or brightening agents, making the product extra safe for use while allowing optimal delivery of its active ingredients.

The Low-Down: I love this mask, particular how “juicy” the essence is and how it resulted in a smoother, healthier-looking complexion after a single use. While I’m not completely sold on how effective it is as part of a long-term anti-aging routine, it works perfectly fine as an emergency refresher for sagging, irritated or overly dry skin.

When using plant-based sheet masks, I often experience a slight stinging sensation as the essence is absorbed into skin, but FRUDIA’s pomegranate-infused version was gentle enough to produce zero irritation. The comfortable fit and superb adherence were also pluses. Even the nose flap fit perfectly, and it wasn’t too tight around the lips! While the formula won’t exactly turn back the clock or deliver a pronounced glow, this is definitely a solid performer that doesn’t break the bank.

Final Verdict:

All in all, FRUDIA is a promising brand, and I love how its products are based on naturally derived, fruit-based ingredients. Although the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Eye Cream produced mixed results, my expectations might have been unrealistic, especially since I don’t have a whole lot of experience with eye creams. The Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask, meanwhile, is an undisputed winner for me, rivalling more expensive versions from other brands. I attribute its efficacy not only to the high concentration of pomegranate essence − extracted through FRUDIA’s special cold-press juicing technology − but also to the mask sheet’s super adherence and botanically based material. In fact, I’m adding it to my list of current faves alongside Mediheal’s soothing Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX Set and LuLuLun’s always dependable Precious Face Mask.

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