Chapter 54: The Dos and Don’ts of Eye Care

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Some people use eye products like eye serums and eye creams religiously, and others use them now and then. Which group do you belong to? Whether you’re a new or experienced user, it’s important to know the right way to incorporate eye care into your daily skin care ritual. 

Keep reading to find out if you’re making any eye care errors and how to fix them: 

DO: Apply eye cream with your ring finger

When applying eye care products, it’s best to use your ring finger. Considered the weakest finger, it should apply the lightest pressure on the skin around your eyes. You should also follow this rule when applying concealer under your eyes. 

DON’T: Apply too much pressure

Skin around the eyes is more delicate than the rest of the face, so applying too much pressure can cause fine lines or wrinkles. Even when using your ring finger, be mindful of the amount of pressure being applied. Always dab your eye care products gently and never pull the skin around your eyes. 

DO: Layer correctly 

Do you know when to apply eye cream in your skin care routine? Eye creams usually have a thinner consistency, so they should be applied before moisturizer, face oil and sunscreen. However, if you’re using a gel-based moisturizer and your eye cream is richer in consistency, then apply your eye cream after moisturizing, but always before SPF.

DON’T: Rely on moisturizer to do the job

While moisturizers are capable of keeping eye areas hydrated and nourished, they’re not enough to tackle concerns such as puffiness, dark circles and signs of aging.

Want to prevent the formation of fine lines around eyes? Try PURITO’s Centella Green Level Eye Cream, which is formulated with peptides to improve skin elasticity, centella asiatica extract to strengthen skin, and panthenol to soothe. Other options that help nourish skin and tackle signs of aging include eye creams from COSRX, MediFlower and iUNIK.

DO: Apply eye care products on brow bone, eyelids and under eyes 

To get the most out of eye care products, don’t forget to apply them on your eyelids and brow bone area. Skin in these regions need just as much care and nourishment as your under-eye area.  

DON’T: Apply too much

A pea-sized amount of eye serum or eye cream is more than enough to cover the under-eye area, brow bone and eyelids. Remember, a little goes a long way! 

DO: Start using eye care products early

If you only recently turned to eye creams to treat your crow’s feet, then you’re doing it wrong. Preventing fine lines from forming in the first place is essential, especially if you want to look younger for longer! Start incorporating eye care products into your regimen as soon as you can, even if you’re in your early twenties. 

Not sure which eye cream to use? These are perfect for beginners:

DON’T: Skip eye care in the morning 

Our eye areas need a lot of protection during the day, so don’t forgo eye cream in the morning. If you feel that eye creams are too thick, especially for oily skin, use eye serums instead. 

Dr. Althea’s To Be Eyeconic Eye Serum is great for a morning skin care routine. Its lightweight formula is infused with Vitamin C to brighten up eyes, and green tea and chamomile extracts to soothe and nourish under-eye areas. The serum is also equipped with an applicator that offers cooling benefits.


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