Damsel in Distressed: LOONA’s Olivia Hye

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LOONA first became known for their unique debut system of unveiling each member with solo releases before launching as a group in August 2018. The 12-member K-pop girl group is now known for their equally unique concepts, which grow more intricate with every comeback. Olivia Hye was the last LOONA member to be introduced in March 2018, and she turned into an instant fan favorite with her distinctive visuals and strong vocals.

Olivia Hye, real name Son Hye-joo, opts for comfort above all else when off stage. Her palette consists of dark tones with white accents here and there, making her style a perfect inspo for fall!

LOONA's Olivia Hye Main Image

Raging Red


LOONA is all about symbolism, with each member representing an animal, color, fruit and – in the case of subunit yyxy – emotion. Olivia Hye, who is part of yyxy, represents anger, and what better way to illustrate that than through Mars, the Roman god of war and rage.

I styled the K-pop star with a tie-dye turtleneck to mimic the mottled red surface of the planet Mars. Layered on top is a distressed sweater with exaggerated drop shoulders. The sweater is designed with irregular red and black weaving that looks like it’s coming undone – a perfect visual representation of anger. The distressed detailing extends to the baggy jeans in black, her second official color. To amp up the chaotic energy, I chose chunky black boots with haphazard creamy white lacing that looks like it was done up during a fit of rage.

Symbolic Silver


Olivia Hye seems to have a penchant for bucket bags as she’s often seen with one slung over her shoulders. I went for a sleek faux leather black bucket bag that has a flat opening. It comes with a mini version of the bag as a coin pouch!

She isn’t one to over-accessorize, so I added her official color silver in small doses. While fellow LOONA member Chuu’s official animal is a penguin, Olivia Hye’s is a wolf. The intricate wolf pin tacked onto her bag fits her chic demeanor. As a subtle nod to the design of LOONA’s official light stick, I added a small crown pin alongside the wolf pin and dainty crescent moon studs to her lobes.

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