Ways to Keep Your Lips Soft and Moisturized This Winter 

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Trying to keep your lips moisturized throughout the cooler season can be challenging, especially if you already have dry lips to begin with. The combination of cold temperatures and dry air can cause flaky or chapped lips.

Don’t worry! All you need is a good lip care routine to keep your pucker soft all winter long. Follow these tips on how to protect your lips from the cold: 

Avoid biting off dry skin from lips

It can be tempting, but biting or peeling off dry skin from lips will only make things worse! It seems harmless at first, but you may end up picking off too much skin. This can cause lips to become even more chapped.

Instead, exfoliate lips with a gentle scrub to get rid of dry skin or dead skin cells. The Saem’s Honey Oatmeal Lip Scrub contains a blend of honey, oatmeal, sugar, apricot seed and walnut shell powder to thoroughly remove dead skin.

Go for lip oils rather than lip balms

Unlike a lip balm, which you have to reapply regularly throughout the day, you only need to apply lip oil once, since it’s made to penetrate into lips better. If  your balm isn’t enough to keep your lips moisturized, an oil-based alternative like Nooni’s Appleberry Lip Oil might do the trick.

This  lip oil is packed with raspberry extract, apple water and Vitamins A, C and E to help lock in moisture. You always get an even application, thanks to its doe-foot applicator. Plus, the lip oil leaves a natural red tint, making it perfect for any upcoming holiday parties!

Go for creamy lip tints or lipsticks

Got a Zoom party to attend over the holidays? To complete your makeup look, consider  lipsticks or lip tints with creamy formulas instead of matte, so your lips look glamorous without drying out.

For a lip tint that offers rich color payoff and dewiness at the same time, you won’t be disappointed with romand’s Glasting Water Tint. The lightweight and non-sticky formula will make you feel like you’re not wearing lip tint at all! 

Looking for lipstick that makes your lips feel soft like butter while delivering gorgeous color? Look no further than A’PIEU’s True Melting Lipstick, which gives lips just the right amount of color with a nice glossy finish. The many shades available include everyday neutral hues, vibrant corals and statement reds.

Lip tints


Use a lip balm with SPF

Yes, lip balm with SPF is a thing! If you plan to be outside, one way to protect lips and prevent dryness is to apply a lip balm that also blocks the sun’s rays. Lip balms from Shiseido, Rohto Mentholatum, DHC and NIVEA provide lips with intense hydration while protecting them from both UVA and UVB rays. 

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