Lee Su-hyun’s Space-Themed E-Girl Outfits from “Alien”

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Since their K-pop Star 2 debut in 2012, Lee Su-hyun and Lee Chan-hyuk of brother-sister duo Akdong Musician have been winning hearts with their down-to-earth personalities, witty lyrics, relaxed folksy sound and sheer talent. When I heard Su-hyun was making her solo debut with Alien (for which Chan-hyuk wrote the lyrics and took part in composing!) and caught sight of her unexpected sartorial transformation in the MV teasers, I knew I’d be in for a treat. This song tells the tale of a girl with low self-esteem who learns that she’s an alien with special powers on a mission to save the world. I love how the creative storytelling reinforces the song’s empowering message: we should all bravely search for our true identities and be proud of who we are.

There’s not a boring moment in the video, from the bewitching melody and stunning scenes of an animated universe to Su-hyun’s crystal-clear vocals, signature dance moves and colorful e-girl outfits. Read on for a breakdown of five main looks from the Alien MV!

Outfit #1

For her first look, Su-hyun appears in a striking blue-green bob tied back in a half-up hairdo, secured with a blue bow. Her short-sleeved UFO-print graphic tee over a mesh long-sleeve top is a classic e-girl combo. I’ve picked out a video game-themed set to match the MV’s earlier scenes that depict the singer winning a motorcycle-racing video game. For bold color-blocking effect, she also rocks a neon yellow mini skirt with a star print, paired with sheer yellow socks. On her feet are black buckled platform sandals, which bring a more casual, sporty touch. Her earrings are equally playful and dreamy: shiny dangling heart earrings and a disco-ball-esque necklace.

Outfit #2

Su-hyun’s second outfit features another layered combo, but this time with an oversized T-shirt dress (featuring the cutest teddy bear and alien print) and a rainbow-striped long-sleeve top. The rainbow theme extends to her accessories, such as bobby pins and flower choker. She also sports a heart pendant chain necklace and ties her hair into two adorable pigtails with pastel blue bobble hair ties (I love how every outfit is accompanied with a distinctive hairdo). Her red striped socks echo the rainbow sleeves, while her lace-up white boots with contrasting black details balance the look with their clean aesthetic.

Outfit #3

In addition to aptly chosen space buns, Su-hyun goes pretty in pink with her third outfit. She builds up the base with a heart-print baby tee and straight-fit cargo pants. Continuing the industrial vibes, she layers a buckled cropped black tube top over her pink tee and dons sky-high buckle-strap platform boots. To top off the look, a quirky alien belt bag in black and fuchsia complements the outfit’s key colors and adds to the cute-meets-tough juxtaposition. For jewelry, her layered heart pendant chain necklaces and variety of butterfly rings bring whimsical charm. In this part of the MV, Su-hyun dances her heart out on a DDR-esque arcade machine, so it’s fitting that she’s rocking a casual outfit that lets her move around easily.

Outfit #4

Su-hyun’s out-of-this-world “alien closet” (which channels major thrift shop vibes) is every girl’s dream come true, bringing to mind many pivotal makeover scenes from classic chick flicks. This is probably her most mature outfit of the bunch in terms of material (mesh and patent leather), silhouette (a figure-hugging dress) and color (shades of red). Her longer red tresses pair seamlessly with the red long-sleeve moon-print mesh top. She layers a patent leather sleeveless A-line mini dress over the top, adds sparkle with a fringed silver jacket, and then completes the look with the buckle-strap lace-up boots from the previous outfit. Her accessories are relatively simple – star hair clips and a lettering necklace in her name – but why not opt for a star-sign rendition in keeping with the astrology theme?

Outfit #5

For the last look, Su-hyun goes all out in sequins and rhinestones from head to toe, confirming her evolution from a video-game-playing homebody in oversized tees to a glam queen not afraid to be the center of attention! The main statement piece of the outfit is a sequined short-sleeve mini wrap dress, which still emanates a certain youthfulness with its drapey sleeves and A-line fit. She pairs the dress with a series of rhinestone jewelry pieces: large hoop earrings, a wide choker and stacked bracelets. Like the contrast of stars against the night sky (the backdrop she dances to in the MV’s closing scenes), Su-hyun grounds the flashy silver-toned pieces with some timeless black items – leather ankle boots and a leather belt.

Which outfit from the music video is your favorite? Let us know below!


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