Smudge-Proof Korean Lip Tints to Wear Under Your Mask

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Choosing lip products such as lipstick or lip gloss can be tricky nowadays. Since wearing a face mask regularly has become the new normal, many of us may be changing how we do our makeup. Do you focus more on eye makeup? Do you still wear lipstick beneath your mask?

As someone who enjoys wearing lipstick, I had to switch to lip tint or tinted lip balm as I found most lipsticks smeared under my mask. Have the same problem? Check out these smudge-proof Korean lip tints that won’t budge even under a mask.


Cloud Lip Tint

Ideally, we want our lip tint to last from day to night. 3CE’s Cloud Lip Tint comes close with its incredible staying power. The formula is buildable and dries down to a soft and blurry finish. Since it’s smudge-proof, you don’t have to worry about getting stains all over your mask. 


I’m Mystery Blur Tint

Looking for a lip tint with a creamy finish that’s also budge-proof? I’m Mystery Blur Tint from I’M MEME is the one for you. Its five MLBB shades are perfect for everyday wear or Zoom calls. This lip tint is ideal for achieving a “no-makeup” makeup look.


Milk Tea Velvet Tint

If you think lip tints are cancelled this year, romand’s Milk Tea Velvet Tint may change your mind. Inspired by bubble tea or boba, these lip tints come in four shades that are perfect for fall and winter, including #01 Red Tea, #02 Chocolate Tea, #03 Cinnamon Tea and #04 Caramel Tea. Expect highly pigmented colors that won’t transfer to your mask.  


Bite The Beat Mellow Tint

One swipe of MERZY’s Bite The Beat Mellow Tint and you’ll be hooked! Featuring bold and glamorous shades such as brick red, light brown, deep brown and purplish brown, this lip tint can give you a boost of confidence. The deep red hues are perfect for winter, and you won’t have any issues with application thanks to the soft and marshmallow-like texture. A flawless matte finish with zero smudging − what’s not to love?


Ink The Velvet

peripera is known for its tiny but mighty lip tints. The brand’s Ink The Velvet is a bestseller for good reason: the velvety tint glides effortlessly on lips, and you’re guaranteed long-lasting color. Jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and collagen in the formula keep lips moisturized under your mask.

If you love this lip tint, you’ll also enjoy the Ink Airy Velvet AD, which comes in 15 MLBB shades. The main difference between the two is that the latter provides a more lightweight feel.

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