Feel-Good Vibes for Your Sign This Halloween (Part Two)

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Signs & Attires

We’re super lucky to be blessed with another full moon this month. Coincidentally, this second full moon (also known as the blue moon) will occur on Halloween day, adding a special touch to the end of October. Amidst this lunar cycle, some of us may experience bouts of emotional turbulence, while others may feel especially energized.

While the first half of the month encouraged Arians to focus on bonding and establishing clearer goals in relationships, the latter half calls for quieter activities and much needed “me time.” The motto for this month is to be practical and to let things progress steadily, which will encourage patience and open-mindedness. Confidence should come from within, so be sure to make self-care and self-love top priorities.

What you’ll need: Don’t underestimate the small things, whether it’s an earlier bedtime, a leisurely walk or a balanced yet satisfying meal. For those who have trouble getting into a bedtime mood, try adding a few drops of calming essential oils into a humidifier. Dim the lights and let the mist permeate the room to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Like their fellow earth sign Capricorns, Taureans are encouraged to step out of the comfort zone this month. With the blue moon’s influence, Taureans are going to feel energized and enlightened! It’s not easy to change up everything quickly, but they can start with small steps.

What you’ll need: Venturing off the same predictable path is not as daunting as it sounds! Try a bright and experimental lipstick shade as opposed to the usual trusty hue, or consider an atypical skin care ingredient that’s not in the usual daily routine. Whatever it may be, Taureans are blessed with the blue moon this Halloween, so feel free to let loose and go a little crazy!


October is a roller coaster ride for Geminis as Venus enters their fourth house of home life in the first weeks of the month. They may prefer to stay in for a change – it’s completely okay to not want to socialize! As we enter Mercury Retrograde mid-month, Geminis can let their creativity run wild, as they may feel a sudden surge in energy and productivity.

What you’ll need: Now is the time to jump into activities that Geminis have always wanted to try, but never mustered the time or dedication to do. Some of the best ways to unleash Geminis’ potential are arts and crafts, such as writing, doodling, collage-making or anything hands-on. Find a creative outlet for self-expression and let hidden ideas come to light!


This whole month is all about bringing Cancerians out of their shells, and they may be surprised by how much fun they have in the process. This is the season for them to shine socially, whether it’s spending a lot of quality time with BFFs or forging new friendships. Halloween will end on a high note for Cancerians as the blue moon aligns with their eleventh house (which governs friends and community). Expect plenty of positive vibes and a stronger sense of belonging during this phase.

What you’ll need: Be sure to relax, Cancerians! Even if they feel energized and blissful this month, fatigue and stress can still reach them, especially if they’re not getting enough rest! Starting the transition to winter skin care can provide moments of nourishment and relaxation amidst the busy schedule.


Get ready, Leos. The transition from Libra to Scorpio season is transformative and dramatic! Leos are thriving in the career department, as they are likely to be reaping the rewards of all their hard work. Under the influence of the new moon in mid-October, Leos may feel more inspired and motivated, which will keep them up and running. The blue moon on Halloween also coincides with Leo’s tenth house, which governs career, providing the perfect opportunity to push forward with their ideas and ambitions!

What you’ll need: Elevate power and confidence in true Leo fashion with mood-enhancing makeup, an on-fleek manicure or a killer outfit. It’s okay to splurge once in a while, especially if it motivates them for future pursuits!


Virgos are likely to feel a little adventurous with two full moons this month, which happens to align with their houses that oversee transformation and expansion. In terms of spiritual needs, Virgos can explore different realms of their consciousness by tuning into their senses with activities such as yoga, meditation, reiki or a new sport.

What you’ll need: This season is about learning and experiencing something new. Travel may not be feasible these days, but getting inspiration from possible travel destinations is still a good place to start! Some ideas include learning traditional handicrafts or testing out recipes from another culture.



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