Chapter 53: A Guide to an At-Home Pampering Session

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As the weather gets cooler, it becomes cozier to stay inside. Spa breaks can be nice for enjoying a pampering session every once in a while. But you can indulge in a pampering session without leaving your home! 

If you need to recharge and relax, here are some ways to treat and pamper yourself at your humble abode during these stressful times:

Enjoy a warm bath

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a bathtub at home, then having a nice warm bath is a great way to relax. Light a few candles, turn on some soothing music, and put on a sheet mask. For a more indulgent experience, throw in some fresh rose petals to decorate your bath and recreate a soak at a spa.  

Make use of bath salts 

To bring more fun to your at-home spa experience, add a bath bomb or bath salts, especially if you’re feeling stressed out. 

Do you know the benefits of bath salts? They aren’t just great for relaxation, but also help soothe muscle tension. If you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, count on bath salts to help improve your sleep. A warm soak with bath salts is also perfect for winter and for those with dry skin as it deeply nourishes skin. 

The Japanese beauty brand CHARLEY offers a variety of bath products including bath salts, soaps and towels. All bath salts come in vibrant packaging with different illustrations, which make the whole experience even more fun. 

Japanese Lucky Charm Bath Salts

Wish you were at an onsen (Japanese hot spring) right now? CHARLEY’s Japanese Lucky Charm Bath Salts can make you feel like you’re in one. Inspired by hot springs, these bath salts bring the serene onsen experience to the comfort of your own home. 

Sommelier Bath Salts

If you’re dealing with dry, winter skin, go for CHARLEY’s Sommelier Bath Salts. These salts are packed with nourishing raspberry, honey and milk extracts and collagen to soothe and moisturize skin. 

Nobana Flower Camouflage Bath Salt

There are plenty of bath salts to choose from. If you’d like a fresh, flower-scented soak, try CHARLEY’s Nobana Flower Camouflage Bath Salt. To feel more energized, turn to Onsen Japon Japon Fruit Bath Salt which offers invigorating fruity scents. 

Onsen Japon Japon Fruit Bath Salt

If you’re going for a particular mood, check out the different dreamy options of CHARLEY’s Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs. Try the Meteoric Shower Night version to transport yourself to a peaceful starry night and forget about all your troubles and worries. 

Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs

Wear your comfiest outfit

Choosing what to wear is also a form of self-care. One of the best things about winter is comfy clothing. After taking a bath, slip into stylish yet comfortable loungewear or sleepwear. If it’s a matching set, even better! Once you find the perfect outfit, you’re guaranteed to feel more relaxed. 

Have a warm drink to end the night

End your pampering session with a cup of chamomile tea, warm milk or hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is my personal favorite, especially during winter. A warm and soothing beverage calms you for bedtime. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy long and restful sleep, and wake up feeling better than the day before.


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