Everyday Skin-Loving with Abib’s Yuja, Hemp Seed and Okjuk Essences

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Although it’s still a relatively new name, I’ve been hearing good things about Korean brand Abib. Being a skin care addict susceptible to the allure of minimal ingredients and simple packaging, I decided to try three of the brand’s essences to see if their formulas would be able to bless my skin with a little boost.

Yuja Essence Vitalizing Pump

This hypoallergenic essence rejuvenates skin for that lit-from-within glow every girl is perennially after. The watery essence contains yuja and yuja peel extracts to gently nourish, moisturize and brighten dull complexions.

Off the bat, the Yuja Essence is much more watery than other essences I’ve used before. Of the three essences, this is the thinnest and most translucent, although there are some visible micro-particles. Initially, the texture felt insubstantial, and I thought that a more viscous formula would have made it easier to spread. After I got used to it, I found that it was extremely moisturizing with a non-sticky finish. It absorbed thoroughly and quickly, so much so that it felt like there was nothing on my skin. One minor issue I had with all three essences was that the pump wasn’t very smooth and spurted out some product messily.

My favorite thing about this essence is its scent, which I absolutely adore. It’s light, sweet and subtly citrusy, reminding me of the uber-comforting yuja tea I like to prepare at home.

Because the essence is so gentle, its effects might take longer to be visible. I’ve been struggling with acne scars and a dull, uneven complexion. Though I’ve yet to achieve the glowing, flawless skin I want, I did see subtle brightening effects and an all-over sheen immediately after use – especially when I paired the essence with a brightening sheet mask for double the power!

Hemp Seed Essence Activation Pump

Infused with 10,000ppm of hemp seed oil, this hypoallergenic essence offers deep, long-lasting hydration and claims to make skin silky soft and full of elasticity.

Like the Yuja Essence, the Hemp Seed Essence has a lightweight texture and dries quickly, although it’s slightly thicker, stickier and more opaque. It boasts a similarly faint scent to the Yuja Essence, but with an earthier, herby twist. I love how both of these essences are great for applying right before makeup. Sometimes skin care can lead to cakey, patchy makeup, but I didn’t have such issues here, as the essences offered moisture without weighing down my skin.

This essence was quite moisturizing, and made my skin feel firm and supple. However, much like the Yuja Essence, the effects weren’t dramatic or long-lasting. I’ll need to keep using it for a longer period to see a full-on transformation.

Okjuk Essence Nutrition Pump

This dense cream-type essence contains 55% okjuk extract to firm skin, prevent moisture loss, provide intense nutrition and offer anti-aging effects. The moisturizing essence has passed skin irritation tests and promotes healthier skin.

I had no idea what okjuk was, so I turned to trusty Google and learned that it’s a flowering plant also known as Solomon’s Seal or polygonatum. Its mild, comforting scent reminded me of misugaru, a Korean mixed-grains powder that I adore in drinks (sorry if all my beverage references are making you thirsty).

Unlike the other two essences, this one comes in a thick white cream form. I found this to be the most moisturizing and nourishing of the three. It made my skin feel really smooth and instantly removed some patches of dryness on my nose. It did leave a somewhat greasy finish, similar to that of sunscreen. Although the Okjuk Essence is promoted as a product that can be quickly absorbed without stickiness, I found the other two essences fared better in this regard. I would recommend this one for nighttime use instead.

I definitely noticed that my skin felt moisturized and nourished after use, even enjoying a springy bounce! I don’t have many anti-aging products in my skin care collection, but as I’m inching closer to my mid-20s, this will be great for continued use. We’ll see if the anti-aging benefits pay off!

Overall, these essences were gentle, smelled amazing and delivered short-term boosts to my complexion, but I didn’t see radical and long-lasting results. I was surprised by the watery thin consistency of the Yuja and Hemp Seed Essences at first, but over time, I grew to appreciate how natural they felt on skin. I’m excited to keep using these goodies on my daily quest for brighter, firmer and more moisturized skin!

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