Winter Skin Tips for All Skin Types

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While it’s fun and exciting to get back into sweater weather and enjoy holiday-themed drinks, dealing with dry skin isn’t as fun. Winter skin may be inevitable once the temperature drops. Luckily, there are skin care products that you can rely on to deeply hydrate your skin and keep it soft and smooth.

We’ve curated a list of products that help prevent and treat dry winter skin for different skin types. Keep reading for tips on how to take extra care of your skin amid the cooler weather.

Normal Skin

Those with normal skin may notice your skin is feeling a lot drier than it was throughout summer. Switching to more nourishing products will help you get through the cold season and achieve  healthy and hydrated skin. 

make p:rem’s Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam is the perfect cleanser to add to your morning and evening routines as it helps skin maintain a healthy balance. If you were using a lightweight moisturizer during the hotter months, switch to a richer cream in winter to help lock in moisture.

make p:rem | COSRX | iUNIK | VT

Dry Skin

Cold weather affects dry skin types the most. To avoid an outbreak of dry, itchy and flaky patches, it’s important to amp up the hydration. Aside from adding more nourishing skin care products to your regimen, increase your daily intake of water and avoid washing your face with hot water. Go for lukewarm water instead.

Use a moisture-rich face cream like Dr. Althea’s Azulene 147HA Intensive Soothing Cream for long-lasting hydration. If your skin needs intense nourishment, try a sleeping pack such as PURITO’s Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack. You’ll wake up to skin that’s hydrated and soft to the touch.

NEOGEN | 9wishes | RNW | Dr. Althea

Oily Skin

Even oily skin types need to adjust their routines as winter approaches! Managing oily skin this season can be easy as long as you find the right products for your skin. Avoid reaching for products that make your skin feel even greasier as this could lead to clogged pores or breakouts. 

Adding a serum to your routine is a great way to ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs. Loaded with three types of hyaluronic acid and Provitamin B5, the Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule from COSRX replenishes moisture while plumping up skin.

By Wishtrend | Abib | COSRX | Huxley

Combination Skin

The key to keeping combination skin hydrated throughout winter is to layer products. Try layering products that are packed with hydrating ingredients but feel lightweight on skin.

As someone with combination skin, I find that adding an essence to my daily skin care routine helps boost my skin’s moisture levels. A great way to do this is by layering an essence on top of your toner. If you’re short on time, a toner-essence hybrid like FRUDIA’s Avocado Relief Essence Toner is a perfect option. It doesn’t just nourish skin but also soothes and strengthens the skin barrier, thanks to its formula which includes avocado extract and Jeju green complex.

SIORIS | FRUDIA | VT | I’m from

One last tip: never forget your sunscreen! If you think you don’t need sunscreen because it’s no longer summer, think again. Sunscreen should be applied no matter the season! If you need sunscreen recommendations for your skin type, check out Chapter 17 of the Beauty Book.

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