Must-Try Gel Eyeliners to Complete Your Fall Makeup Look

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Fall is the perfect time to play around with eye makeup, especially now that the lower halves of our faces are covered with masks when we go out. That means our eyes are getting all the attention. If you’re not a pro in applying eye shadow yet, consider starting with eyeliner to create a dramatic winged look or more subtle cat eyes. 

Applying eyeliner can be quick and simple. The downside is that it might smudge during the day. Eye primers will help make your eye makeup last longer, or you can turn to gel eyeliners for long-lasting wear. Feel free to skip the eye primer when using gel eyeliner as the latter is made to be smudge-proof and should stay put all day.

Check out these dependable gel eyeliners that are worthy additions to your fall makeup collection:

MACQUEEN – Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner II (Heroine Edition)

Fans of MACQUEEN’s original Waterproof Gel Eyeliners will love the brand’s latest Heroine Edition, available in five new shades including dark brown, dark burgundy, soft caramel, rose gold and rosy brown with gold shimmer. The creamy texture glides on easily and smoothly. Most importantly, this eyeliner doesn’t smudge and stays intact throughout the day.

MERZY – The First Gel Eyeliner

MERZY’s The First Gel Eyeliner comes in colors that are perfect for fall. Choose from nine hues that are highly pigmented and long-lasting. This eyeliner’s soft texture means it won’t tug on your eyelids upon application, and it can be used as an eye shadow base too. 

VT – BTS Super Tempting Skinny Gel Eyeliner

Aiming for a sharp and well-defined eyeliner look? You can’t go wrong with the BTS Super Tempting Skinny Gel Eyeliner from Korean beauty brand VT. Its skinny 1.5mm tip is ideal for drawing a winged eye look with great precision.

CORINGCO – Heart Bounce Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Classic black eyeliner looks will never go out of style. CORINGCO’s Heart Bounce Waterproof Gel Eyeliner can take you from day to night. Opt for #01 Real Black to create a bold statement look for a night out. #02 Dark Brown is suitable for daytime wear and looks with a softer finish.

[email protected] – NEW Last Auto Gel Eyeliner

This eyeliner was selected in the GLOWPICK Awards Mid-Year 2020 for good reason. Its creamy formula is very easy to apply. It also dries fast, so if you need to fix an eyeliner mistake, do it quickly before it becomes too difficult to remove!

RiRe – Luxe Gel Eyeliner

RiRe’s water-resistant and highly pigmented Luxe Gel Eyeliner offers a jelly-like creamy texture that doesn’t tug on skin. Thanks to its twist-up design with an air-tight silicone ring, you won’t have to worry about the eyeliner drying out over time. It also promises intense color payoff that’s 100% budge-proof!

VDIVOV – Eye On Gel Pencil Liner

For shimmery eye makeup, VDIVOV’s got you covered with the Eye On Gel Pencil Liner. Since this gel liner provides shimmer, it also doubles as an eye shadow. You can create countless looks with the variety of shades available. Don’t worry about smudging because these liners are waterproof. Lastly, how can you resist adding them to your makeup collection when they boast such sleek and stylish packaging?

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