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As a beauty-device novice, I’m thrilled to try vanav’s compact and powerful galvanic-ion facial massager the UP6, a six-in-one machine that aims to provide total care for various skin concerns through harnessing the power of microcurrents. The device is designed to deliver more effective cleansing, lifting, brightening and moisturization and claims to reduce signs of early aging. While the science behind it sounds complicated (especially for someone who failed high-school chemistry repeatedly), it boils down to this: the microcurrents emitted by the device deliver galvanic ions, or positively-charged ions, that drive ingredients in your beauty products deeper into the dermal layer for optimal nourishment.

Chargeable by USB, the sleek, simple, user-friendly UP6 comes in six modes of vibrations and functions: cleansing, moisturizing, lifting, mask, eye care and Vitamin C nourishment. All functions are easily accessible through a slide touch panel. It also comes with four different vibration intensities, which guarantee a customized skin massage at the touch of a button. Another feature is the LED light therapy, which provides a range of benefits including improved collagen production, better regulation of oil production plus brighter, even-toned skin.

Read on to find out what transformations my skin went through after a two-week regimen involving five to seven minutes of use on a daily basis.

1. Clean-Up Mode

How it functions: Charged with positive ions, the device draws out negatively charged dirt and impurities from skin for a thorough detox. On top of going through my usual double cleanse, I soaked a cotton pad full of my trusty toner, COSRX’s Hydrium Watery Toner. Then I affixed the device with its titanium head, and gently massaged my face in circular motions.

The Low-Down: This was the first mode that I tried. My initial reaction was that the UP6 vibrates with just the right amount of strength, unlike a few facial massagers I had previously tried. Although there was a slight tingly sensation post-usage, this faded quickly. For me, the medium vibration level generated an intensity that felt just right, resulting in a therapeutic experience.

On the cleansing front, continued usage cleared out the gunk in my pores to leave a smoother, less oily finish, although the results weren’t exactly dramatic. My sensitive combination skin did undergo a subtle reset at the end of two weeks, and I’m convinced the UP6’s cleansing powers, which encouraged better absorption of my skin care products, played a role in this outcome.

2. Eye Zone Mode

How it functions: This mode claims to amplify the effects of your eye cream or serum to smooth wrinkles and fine lines in the sensitive eye area whilst treating dark circles. The desired results? A more youthful-looking finish, or at least some long-overdue depuffing.

The Low-Down: Initially, I was afraid that the vibrations would be aggravating, but I need not have worried. Even at maximum intensity, this mode is gentle on skin.

I’m not in the habit of regularly applying eye cream, so I couldn’t differentiate whether the results were due to the UP6 or the eye cream itself. However, my perennially sleep-deprived eyes appeared less tired and puffy at the end of the trial, although some droopiness and dark shadows remained, as expected.

3. Moisture Mode

How it functions: After slathering on my all-season moisturizer – make p:rem’s Hydrate. Me. Micro Tension Moisturizing Cream – I massaged my face until the product was fully absorbed into my skin. Ideally, the UP6 would enhance the cream’s impact from moderately moisturizing to super hydrating.

The Low-Down: I loved finishing off my evening skin care routine with a massage in this mode. Despite the crisp and dry autumn season, my temperamental skin didn’t feel dehydrated at all, a positive development I attributed directly to adding the UP6 to my beauty routine. In fact, my cheeks summoned a plumped-up look I hadn’t seen for weeks, a sign that my moisture levels are up.

4. Lifting Mode

How it functions: Used together with your favorite lifting products, this can potentially tighten sagging skin and create a more toned and defined facial appearance.

The Low-Down: Hands down, this is my favorite UP6 mode. Not only were the rapid and vigorous vibrations extremely soothing on skin, especially when I swept it in upward strokes along my jawline, it also delivered obvious benefits. While it won’t necessarily create the V-shaped face of your dreams, it brought a subtle but noticeable suppleness to my skin, which I’d rarely experienced when using firming creams alone. Bear in mind that the strength of vibrations for this mode, even at low intensity, left a prolonged tingly sensation afterwards, so make sure to slather on plenty of product when using it.

5. Mask Mode

How it functions: A five-minute session in this mode pushes the essence from your sheet mask deeper into skin, resulting in greater nourishment.

The Low-Down: I’m frequently disappointed at how quickly that post-sheet-mask glow disappears the following morning, so anything that enhances the hydrating benefits of my go-to mask, Mediheal’s N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX, is a plus. In theory, a quick massage with the UP6 is just the ticket, but that lasting glow still proved elusive despite continued usage of this mode.

On a side note, always make sure your sheet mask adheres closely to your face before massaging; otherwise, things could get messy.

6. Vitamin C Mode

How it functions: Uniquely designed to unlock the full potential of Vitamin C-infused beauty products, this mode is best paired with Vitamin C Night Cream 4-Day Kit, a rich, uber-viscous night cream containing 10% Vitamin C to tone up, brighten and hydrate skin.

The Low-Down: I only used this for four consecutive days, and the results were moderately pleasing rather than game-changing. While my skin did become a tad more even-toned, other issues such as dullness and sallowness persisted. Prolonged use of this device, combined with a healthier lifestyle on my part, would probably generate more encouraging results. I look forward to having another go at this once I manage to cut down on the late nights and snacking marathons!

Final Verdict:

Is it worth the hassle and price tag to add the UP6 to your already packed skin care regimen? My answer is a cautious “yes.” It’s been proven that massaging stimulates blood circulation, which certainly bodes well for brighter, clearer and healthier skin. At its best, this device acts as a scientifically backed booster for your skin products, though you probably won’t find all the modes equally beneficial. The standout features to me are the moisturizing and lifting functions. It’s pretty easy to incorporate the UP6 into any beauty routine, even for lazy girls like me with a habit of skipping skin care steps.

I do have a couple of minor quibbles. Maneuvering the slide touch panel takes some getting used to, as selecting different modes requires swiping very firmly from the bottom to the top in a smooth and fluid motion. The music therapy option, which allows the device to vibrate in sync to songs on your phone, sounds fun on paper but a tad gimmicky in reality. Also, premium skin care products are arguably more than capable of delivering your skin care needs without this device’s assistance.

Nonetheless, I’m pleased at the progress my skin has made thanks to the UP6. My issues with clogged pores, skin roughness and a loss in elasticity have all improved. Whether these effects truly last remains to be seen, but so far I’m optimistic.

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