Feel-Good Vibes for Your Sign This Halloween (Part One)

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Signs & Attires

Halloween is coming up, and this year it coincides with a special phenomenon – a super rare blue moon! A full moon on Halloween only occurs around every 19 years. Our mind and body may react in unexpected ways under the influence of a full moon. Check out this month’s horoscopes on what to expect from this unique astrological event plus ideas to infuse a bit of fun or self-pampering into Halloween.

Under the influence of the blue moon, Librans are going to feel pretty sociable this spooky season, making them keener to connect with friends and family. Gathering with their dearests sounds like the perfect plan! If social distancing is an issue, host a virtual party instead, which is also a great way to prevent Librans from burning out from physically hosting or organizing events.

What you’ll need: It’s all about aesthetics with Librans. Even the process of preparing for a special occasion can ignite their festive moods, so reserve time for setting up the online bash. Be sure to take plenty of photos and screenshots to commemorate the night!


It may be Scorpios’ birthday season, but during this blue moon, they’re encouraged to rest and relax. The full moon may affect their mood, making them less energetic than usual. This is why they should indulge in as many relaxing activities as possible. Birthdays are a great time for Scorpios to self-reflect and re-emerge as a more motivated and enlightened version of themselves. Those feeling lost lately should take the time to savor the little moments that spark joy. Scorpios are likely to feel romantic this season too, and relaxing will calm nerves for any upcoming or impromptu dates.

What you’ll need: A regular practice of self-care helps to diminish stress. For a relaxing night in, try soaking in a bath with one’s favorite music in the background, and then kick back and relax with a sheet mask on. Nourishing oils and invigorating scents help to ease both the mind and body.


This Halloween will feel deeply spiritual and personal for the archers. The usually highly energetic Sagittarians will be yearning for much needed downtime. Use this occasion to dive deep into current and future goals and to prepare for the challenges ahead. This is also the perfect time to indulge in sensory experiences that help blow off steam and reduce stress. Start by creating relaxing daily or weekly rituals – the more they invigorate the senses, the better.

What you’ll need: Besides sheet masks, scented candles and soothing music, which are easy to incorporate into everyday life, try spicing it up once in a while with a therapeutic and rewarding activity, like baking!


Capricorns are sensible, disciplined and super hardworking folks. While they always have brilliant ideas to bring to the table, it’s not uncommon for them to feel underappreciated. For Capricorns, this month is the time to shine and broaden connections that could become beneficial in the long run.

On Halloween day, the full moon aligns with Capricorn’s fifth house (which governs pleasure and creativity), encouraging them to take it easy and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Capricorns can do just that by deviating from their usual routines.

What you’ll need: Need a prompt? Capricorns can start by changing up their hair, makeup and outfits! Sometimes, great ideas and inspirations arise during leisurely activities. Spending a day with minimal planning may bestow pleasant surprises.


For Aquarians, the blue moon on Halloween aligns with their fourth house, which means it’s a day to reconnect with family and close companions. This is an opportune time to wind down in a place that feels spiritually safe and heartwarming. Throughout the month, they may experience a range of emotions concerning various aspects of their lives, be it career or love life. The days leading up to Halloween may feel confusing to many Aquarians, but it’ll all be worthwhile.

What you’ll need: Aquarians can create the perfect Halloween they always wanted as a kid and let their inner child run free for the day! Why put an age limit on fun, right? Line up the day with scary movies, decorations, costumes and all-you-can-eat candy!


October is turbulent for Pisceans as the sun enters their eighth house (which governs transformation). Before they can become their new selves, they’re likely to feel lost and weathered down for the majority of the month. Fret not, the blue moon on Halloween will restore clarity and courage and help Pisceans overcome their negativity. Their October social calendar is filled to the brim anyway, which keeps them busy until then. Being creative runs in their blood, so all those feelings and ideas they experience this month are sure to refuel them!

What you’ll need: Being socially occupied may temporarily relieve Pisceans from negative thoughts, but it’s important for them to open their mind as well. Try jotting down words, images and ideas that inspire, as they can serve as reminders to keep moving forward.



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