3 Fun Eye Makeup Looks to Try With Masks

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Putting on colorful makeup used to be my creative outlet, and it’s a fun way to add a pop of color to a dreary day or a boring outfit. Having worn face masks for most of 2020, I’ve left my makeup bag mostly untouched this year. To get used to this new normal, I tried to get my creative juices going again by creating bright eye makeup looks that can be worn with masks.

Scroll down for three makeup looks with unique twists that will surely make your usual routine a little bit more fun!

Look 1: Dotted Cat-Eye

Dotted Cat-Eye Dotted Cat-Eye

Mask: Miss21 Korea’s 3D Protective Cotton Face Mask, Eye shadow: PONY EFFECT’s Get Ready With Me Shadow Palette, Eyeliner: CLIO’s Waterproof Pen Liner XP, Mascara: KLAVUU’s Urban Pearlsation Perfect Wear Volume Up Mascara

About the look: A cat-eye is a timeless look that I love falling back on time and time again. Taking a bit of inspo from BlackPink Jisoo’s makeup in the group’s music video for How You Like That, I decided to add small eyeliner dots for a unique twist to the classic makeup look. I also added a dash of blue on the lower lash line for a fun pop of 2020’s color of the year, Classic Blue.                              

Dotted Cat-Eye


  1. Add a wash of warm tones over lids with shades Feel Me and Moment, concentrating on the lids.
  2. Draw a cat-eye along the lash line with liquid eyeliner.
  3. Carefully draw dots at the corner of the eye and the end of the cat-eye flick by holding the eyeliner horizontally.
  4. Apply the blue glittery EDM shade on the outer corner of the lower lash line.
  5. Blend the blue eye shadow along the rest of the lower lash line for a smooth finish.
  6. Finish the look by applying mascara over the top lashes only. To let the eye shadow pop, avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes.


Look 2: Glitter Eyes

Glitter Eyes Glitter Eyes

Mask: Miss21 Korea’s 3D Protective Cotton Face Mask, Eye shadow: UNLEASHIA’s Get Jewel Palette Gemmy Beam, Eyeliner: Peach C’s Slim Waterproof Fixxy Liner Soft Brown, Mascara: MIZON’s Collagen Curling Fix Mascara

About the look: I’m not one to go for glitter when it comes to makeup, but since this year has been full of the unexpected, I decided to challenge myself. Rosy smoky eyes are a go-to in K-Beauty as they’re easy to create and look good on everyone. To give the look a personal twist, I added a subtle cat-eye with a soft brown eyeliner accented with glitter for a low-key Euphoria-inspired look.

Glitter Eyes


  1. Create a rosy-toned smoky eye by applying the subtle brown shade Be Gentle all over the lids, blending the edges by buffing with a clean makeup brush.
  2. Apply the darker brick-colored Flush shade heavily on the lash line, blending near the crease.
  3. Pack on the shade Rosy Beam, which comes with large glittery particles, while following a subtle cat-eye shape.
  4. Add the glittery pink Posy to brighten the corner of the eye.
  5. Fill in the edges of the glittery eye shadow with brown eyeliner for a soft cat-eye finish.
  6. Add definition to the look by applying mascara both on the upper and lower lashes.


Look 3: Neon Mod

Neon Mod Neon Mod

Mask: Miss21 Korea’s 3D Protective Cotton Face Mask, Eye shadow: 3CE’s One Color Shadow, Mascara: BANILA CO’s b by banila Eyecrush Mood Long Lash Mascara, Eyeliner: MACQUEEN’s Tattoo-Ink Pen Liner, False eyelashes: HOLIKA HOLIKA’s Holi Pop Lash Maker

About the look: 3CE’s One Color Shadow is one of my favorite eye shadows ever and a go-to when I need to brighten up my day. I usually dab this over my lids for a subtle wash. This time, I created a crisp half-circle cut over the lids to emulate the clean lines of my matching neon green mask.

Neon Mod


  1. Draw a half-circle on your lids with an eye shadow primer.
  2. Create a crisp edge by applying the primer with a brush and cleaning the edges with cotton buds.
  3. Pack on the neon green matte eye shadow over the primer.
  4. Don’t worry about going over the half-circle. You can easily neaten the edges up with cotton buds.
  5. Using the black eyeliner, draw a thin line over the lash line to contrast the eye shadow.
  6. Apply mascara over the top and bottom lashes for further contrast against the neon color.
  7. Extra step: Apply falsies on the lower lash line for a subtle mod look.

Since masks and heavy makeup are not a great combo, I would recommend foregoing base makeup and prepping skin by patting on sebum-absorbing powder instead. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse off makeup and keep skin clean and healthy, especially after a long day of wearing masks! Read here for more tips on how to soothe and prevent maskne!

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