OH MY GIRL YooA’s Athleisure Style

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OH MY GIRL is a seven-member girl group that debuted in 2015. Over the years, they have solidified their cutesy image with upbeat bops like Cupid, Liar Liar and their latest Nonstop. YooA is the main dancer, lead vocalist and visual of the group. She recently debuted as a soloist in early September with the mini-album Bon Voyage.

YooA is known for her large doe eyes and pouty lips, which perfectly complemented her faerie-like debut music video filled with Tinker Bell and boho aesthetics. The idol’s off-stage attire is a little simpler, leaning more towards a balance of athleisure and feminine styles. Since her palette is usually a wash of whites and pastel blues with the occasional darker shade, I decided to bring in a more colorful palette that Miracles (OH MY GIRL’s fans) would instantly recognize: the group’s official colors!

Oh My Girl's YooA Vector Illustration

Athleisure Essentials

LIPHOP - Set Letter-Printed Elbow-Sleeve T-Shirt Jogger Pants Pomona - Off-Shoulder Long-Sleeve Ruched Crop Top Sosara - Couple Matching Belt Bag MONOBARBI - Toe-Cap Platform Mule Sneakers

Joggers are an athleisure staple and idols are often seen in this casual piece during their dance practices. For a brighter alternative to YooA’s usual black or white, these joggers are in a blue shade that’s close to one of OH MY GIRL’s official colors. The singer usually contrasts a casual piece like joggers with a more feminine or skin-baring top. I styled the singer in an off-shoulder long-sleeve crop top with a figure-hugging ruched center front that comes in pastel pink, another one of their official colors.

To tone down the intense color-blocking, I styled YooA with a belt bag in pastel purple – a combination of pink and blue. The bag also incorporates a pop of the third official color, yellow. For her footwear, sneakers are a fail-safe for an athleisure look. I went for an extra laid-back style with mule-type off-white sneakers.

Simple Accessories

Zumreed - Zumreed ZHP-120S Earphones (with Mic) (Lime Yellow) SUGAR STUDIO - Set of 7 Hair Clips  Gioia - Rhinestone Crown Dangle Earrings109342189

A cursory look through YooA’s airport looks will show that she’s often got earphones on. This would not be a surprise to Miracles as listening to music is one of her hobbies! I chose vibrant neon yellow earphones to subtly match the yellow cross hair pins. YooA’s accessories are always simple when she’s off stage, so I went for barely noticeable rhinestone crown earrings as a nod to OH MY GIRL’s logo.

To finish off her entire look, a lippie in YooA’s favorite red is enough to add a pop of color to her face.

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