NAMING’s Fluffy Powder Blushes Review

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Do you have a favorite makeup product? I used to be more obsessed with lipsticks than any other makeup product, but as my collection continues to expand, I’m beginning to appreciate blushes even more.

Blushes are perfect for adding a pop of color to my cheeks and for giving my complexion a nice, healthy glow. My skin tone can appear quite dull, especially as we start to enter the colder months, so having a few good blushes comes in handy. Blushes may come in cream or gel form but powder blushes are great because they’re a classic. 

Korean cosmetics brand NAMING offers a variety of makeup in cute and minimal packaging, which always grabs my attention. The newest additions to my makeup collection are their Fluffy Powder Blushes. These blushes are available in six colors: Toast, Bashful, Perky, Cuddly, Yummy and Halo. Read on to find out why they’re perfect for fall:


The shade: A vibrant coral

I usually gravitate towards blushes with a rosy pink hue but I’ve been trying to break out of my comfort zone and try colors that I normally wouldn’t go for. Perky is the perfect shade to experiment with and I’m actually surprised that I like it! It’s a very fresh and fun color that immediately brightens up my complexion, and it’s also highly pigmented. I prefer to build it up slowly for a more subtle finish.


The shade: A warm orange

I love the warmth that this shade brings to my cheeks! It reminds me of warm summer days and even though I think it’s more suited for spring or summer, I can definitely see myself reaching for this throughout fall and winter – especially on days when my complexion appears lackluster and needs a quick fix.


The shade: A light, cool-toned peach 

I can only imagine how soft and beautiful this color would look on lighter complexions as, unfortunately, it doesn’t show well on my tanned skin. If you have a light skin tone with cool undertones, then this is the perfect shade for adding a natural flush to your cheeks. 


The shade: A cool-toned baby pink

I find ‘Yummy’ to be the cutest shade among the six blushes, and I would’ve considered it the best if only it suited my skin tone. Since I have warm undertones, cool-toned blushes can be tricky for my skin tone as they usually end up looking ashy or muddy. Do you have cool undertones? If so, this shade will 100% enhance your natural glow.


The shade: A rosy pink

Halo is the perfect shade of pink for medium complexions with warm undertones. Every time I apply this blush and look in the mirror, it’s almost as if I didn’t apply blush in the first place. It looks very natural, which is what I like to aim for. This shade truly mimics my skin’s natural flush!


The shade: A soft beige 

I’ve never tried a blush like Toast before. Featuring a light brown hue, this shade may not add a vibrant pop of color to my complexion, but it sure adds natural-looking depth and warmth to my skin. Aside from using it as blush, I find that using it as a contouring shade works perfectly well. If you have medium to tan skin like I do, then this shade can double as your blush and contour. 

My final thoughts

My favorite thing about these blushes is how long-lasting they are. Even though they come in powder form, they don’t look cakey at all. However, it’s important to have a good base first especially during fall and winter.

I tend to experience dry patches during the colder months so I make sure to prep my skin well with a hydrating serum and moisturizer before applying makeup. That way, my makeup goes on smoothly and my blush lasts longer, without any flakiness.

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