Brand Spotlight: MilliMom

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Have you heard of the Korean skin care brand TROIAREUKE before? If you have, then get ready to meet its latest sub brand, MilliMom.

MilliMom caters to the needs of every millennial mom. The brand intends to serve a community of mothers who juggle work and motherhood. The brand’s logo reflects this goal; the Laurel wreath surrounding the toy horse represents the support parents give to their children, while the horse itself represents the hope that the child will grow to be strong and bright.

Unlike TROIAREUKE, which provides personalized skin care products for all skin types, MilliMom offers something different: organic products that are perfect for babies and new or soon-to-be moms. 

MilliMom knows that moms only want the best for their children. Hence, the brand follows a “First Love, First Touch and First Aesthetic” philosophy.

MilliMom understands that babies have delicate skin and mothers-to-be have sensitive skin, so it’s important to treat that skin with extra care. MilliMom’s products may be some of the first that a baby applies on their skin, so the brand uses only safe and organic ingredients that are EWG verified. You won’t find any harsh or harmful ingredients in MilliMom’s products.

If you’re unsure whether or not a product will be gentle enough for you or your baby, you can trust MilliMom because it’s a brand that was created by mothers who are also skin experts. 

So far, MilliMom has launched two body care products: the Millimom Body Lotion and Millimom Body Wash. Some of the key ingredients of both products include organic hemp seed oil, polyglutamic acid, Boseong green tea water and mugweed leaf extract. These ingredients are perfect for both a mom’s and her baby’s skin as they help soothe and strengthen the skin barrier and keep it moisturized, smooth and healthy.

MilliMom’s Body Wash

The Body Wash is formulated with coco-betaine, which is hypoallergenic, and bulgari wormwood extract, which helps soothe the skin and prevent hypersensitivity. Featuring a light gel texture, the wash gently removes all impurities without causing skin irritation while boosting moisture retention. It also doesn’t create a foam and features a low pH level that’s close to the natural pH balance of the skin.

A great thing about the body wash is that it’s a multi-use product; you can use it as a body wash and even as shampoo! It’s a great option for babies, new moms and those who are expecting.

Millimom’s Body Lotion

In addition to organic hemp seed oil, polyglutamic acid, Boseong green tea water and mugweed leaf extract, the Body Lotion contains vita tree fruit extract packed with minerals and vitamins A, K, E, C and B to help fortify the skin barrier while keeping the skin deeply nourished. It’s also formulated with BSASM, which is an ideal component to tackle atopic skin concerns and includes seven types of plant extracts to soothe the skin.

To prevent moisture loss after a shower or bath, slather your or your baby’s skin with this body lotion and you’ll be left with moisturized skin all day. Its creamy texture glides effortlessly across the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling.

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