Small Talk: vanav Time Machine

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If you had a time machine, what’s the first thing you’d do with it? For the YesStylists, the answer is almost unanimous – “reverse signs of aging.” vanav is one of the leading Korean brands that set the trend of using salon-grade beauty devices at home. Of course, we had to get our paws on one of its most affordable bestsellers, the Time Machine.

Zoe: Hey guys, how did you all find vanav’s Time Machine?

Maureen: I was amazed by how lightweight and thin it is! Looks like a mouse or shaver to me. XD

Romy: That’s exactly what I thought! It looks like a cool computer mouse. It’s such an interesting device and I’m really enjoying it so far!

Dianne: My first impression was that it looked like a phone from the early 2000s, although a lot lighter. 😂

Zoe: Haha, that’s true. It’s so light it kinda feels like a toy! I’m so used to skin care devices that are USB-charged, so when I saw that the Time Machine uses batteries, I was a lil surprised. 😂

Dianne: Same! It’s also so lightweight! I love the different colors as well, since you know which mode you’re using.

Romy: It would be so much better if it’s USB charge though!

Maureen: I agree, coz I’m always afraid of batteries decomposing and ruining the device.

Zoe: I guess it’s more portable that way though. I do love the lights, since I always keep my home pretty ambient at night. 😂 I know which mode I’m using even in the dark haha.

Dianne: HAHAHAHA EXACTLY! Which mode have you guys been using?

Romy: I’ve been incorporating all the modes actually, but the ones I use more are the décolleté care and Vitamin C skin care mode.

Dianne: I use Vitamin C serums as well! I’ve been using it with Purito’s Pure Vitamin C serum lately and I definitely feel like it absorbs faster when I use the Time Machine.

Maureen: I’m not using any Vita C products atm, so I used the moisturizing and lifting modes.

Zoe: Wow guys, I’ve only been using the moisturizing mode on my face and neck lol.

Romy: I agree that it helps absorb products faster. I’ve been slathering AROMATICA’s Reviving Rose Infusion Cream all over my decolletage, and it’s so relaxing to use the Time Machine to massage my neck.

Dianne: It works really well on moisturizing mode too! I love using it with my daymellow gels to soothe and massage my face after a long day~ The gentle vibrations make me soooo sleepy afterwards tho. 😆

Romy: Haha, I definitely get sleepy after using it too. 😂



Zoe: I like the rhythm of the vibrations when I use the moisturizing mode. It’s so relaxing and revitalizing at the same time!

Maureen: The décolleté mode takes quite long! Its recommended duration is 15 minutes, isn’t it?

Dianne: That’s crazy! 😮 Even five minutes with the other modes is too long for me LOL!

Zoe: Haha, I’ve been a bit lazy. 15 minutes is pretty long considering that the mode only vibrates continuously for 3 minutes!
I just stop once the device stops. 😂

Maureen: Same here, I wish it could vibrate continuously for 15 minutes so I don’t have to count!

Romy: Yes, it’s quite long. I honestly lose track because I end up going on Netflix while I massage my neck with it.

Maureen: I’m too lazy to hold it for so long, so I also use it for less than the suggested time.

Dianne: I guess we’re all in the same boat! 😂

Dianne: Since we don’t have to use it EVERY day though, I guess we need to try for a little bit longer to at least do the bare minimum. 😆 I think the Vitamin C mode’s suggested usage is around 1-2 times a week?

Maureen: Btw did you guys notice it stops vibrating once your hands are off the metal? I always play with that. XD

Dianne: Yes! I definitely noticed that, Maureen! I got a bit distracted during my first use and didn’t really trial properly, because I kept tapping it on my skin instead of massaging it.

Romy: Haha, I noticed that too! It’s really a skin care toy as I also played around with it at first!

Zoe: The moisturizing mode is recommended for every day, but for the neck, they recommend 3 times a week? I just use both whenever, so I use the Time Machine around 3 times a week. 😂

Romy: I use the Vitamin C mode at least once a week and I use the décolleté mode a lot more since I’ve noticed I have a bit of tech neck – I need to get rid of the lines. 😆

Zoe: Is it me or does it sometimes not vibrate on the skin? Mine sometimes requires a different pressure to start vibrating again. 🤔

Maureen: I tend to hold it like a mouse so it won’t be disrupted! Your skin needs to touch both pieces of metal for electric current to pass through. XD

Zoe: Or did I apply too much cream? Does that disrupt its sensitivity? 🤣

Romy: I feel you! When I use the basic mode, it sometimes turns off, and then I wonder what I did wrong.

Dianne: I found that it works the best when you let the cream sit on your skin for a couple of seconds before using the device!

Romy: Ahh good tip. I’ll try letting it sit first before I start next time.

Maureen: Basically it’s your body that completes the circuit.

Zoe: I find alternating between the front and the back of the metal tip helps though! Did anyone try that?

Maureen: Oh, I’ve never thought of that. I always use the back.

Romy: Same, I just use the back.

Dianne: Oooh, I’ve only ever used the back too! Was there a huge diff?

Zoe: For me, I think so. At least it keeps vibrating almost every time if I use it like that. It keeps failing to detect my skin after a few gos if I only use the back…

Dianne: I never had problems with this one tbh. 😲 Maybe it’s ‘cause you’ve got dry skin?

Romy: That’s so interesting. I never thought one side would work better than the other!

Dianne: My oily skin adores this! My skin was definitely supple after every use~

Romy: We love supple skin. ♥️

Zoe: Maybe it was the creams I was using lol. They were kinda thick. You know, the one from SONREVE that I got for my Beauty Lab.

Maureen: Do you find it more effective than when you’re using the cream alone?

Zoe: My skin is less dry the morning after, but it’s kinda hard to tell since my creams are really nourishing. I do notice a slight lifting effect right after using it. I guess it’s just like giving my skin a massage?

Romy: Maybe they were too rich for the device to go through?

Zoe: Maybe haha.

Maureen: Yeah, it’s hard to compare the effects, but the massaging does feel good!

Romy: I also see a slight lifting effect, especially around my jawline, as that’s where I tend to notice water retention!

Dianne: I saw the effects after 2 weeks of use. Before, my skin had trouble absorbing anything that I put on it, and afterwards my skin was no longer as dehydrated.

Maureen: I also heard the shape of it is inspired by Chinese gua sha?

Dianne: Lol, can’t see the inspo! It will totally and forever look like a phone to me. 😂

Zoe: Oh, I can see how it was inspired by gua sha. It does feel like giving my skin a gua sha massage!

Romy: The shape doesn’t really resemble a gua sha, but I think it’s similar in terms of relaxing and soothing effects! I also tried to alternate it with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha from THE PURE LOTUS!

Maureen: Sometimes I use it without any skin care products just for the sake of massaging.

Zoe: Isn’t it harder for it to glide?

I fear it rubbing against my dry skin. 😂 That’s how wrinkles are formed lol.

Romy: Ooh, how does it feel to use it without any skin care products?

Maureen: Like Zoe said, it does feel less smooth on my dry and wrinkled skin. XXXD

I use the moisturizing mode with Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, which is my perpetual go-to essence + toner, and iUNIK’s Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream for the firming mode. But I’m too lazy to clean up, so sometimes I use them separately. 😖

Zoe: How do you guys usually clean it? I just rinse the tip with a lil splash of water and wipe it dry with a face wash cloth.

Zoe: Yes same~ I get nervous about getting too much water on it, just in case the battery starts rusting or something!

Romy: I usually use a wet wipe and a small face towel to wipe it dry.

Maureen: Similar. I spray a little water and wipe with dry tissue. So far, the device works fine – no signs of rusting or electric shock for me! XD

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