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Longing for younger-looking skin? You can make your dreams come true by introducing KAHI into your skin care routine!

The younger you are, the more collagen your skin produces, resulting in skin that’s soft, plump and firm. However, as you reach your mid-twenties (specifically after turning 25) your skin starts to produce less collagen, which results in a loss of elasticity and leads to fine lines and wrinkles. This is where KAHI comes in. 

KAHI is a Korean skin care brand that aims to restore the natural strength of your skin through the power of anti-aging ingredients like collagen. KAHI is also committed to helping you improve your skin’s overall health, and keeping it young and glowing! Keep reading to learn more about the formulation behind their anti-aging skin care products, as well as which ones to add to your collection.

Wrinkle Bounce Core Cream chosen by Kim Go-Eun

KAHI offers a skin care line called the Wrinkle Bounce Line, which is suitable for all skin types but is specifically beneficial for those with mature skin or those who are looking to start an anti-aging skin care routine.  

All products from the Wrinkle Bounce line are formulated with salmon complex, which contains three elements that help restore the skin barrier, including salmon collagen, salmon PDRN and salmon proteoglycan. These elements help nourish the skin, restore volume loss, and keep skin hydrated.

KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce line features eight skin care products that you can easily combine for an 8-step skin care regimen:

Step 1: Cream Cleansing Foam

After cleansing with this foam, your skin will feel moisturized instead of tight and stripped.  Formulated with patented anti-dust ingredients such as cypress, big blue lilyturf and mugwort, KAHI’s Cream Cleansing Foam gets rid of all impurities and deeply cleanses your pores. If you have a damaged skin barrier, incorporate this cleanser into your daily skin care routine and it will help strengthen it. 


Step 2: Wrinkle Bounce Collagen Moisturizing Mist

KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Collagen Moisturizing Mist is the easiest product to add to your skin care routine. It can be used as a toner or a facial mist to spritz throughout the day when your skin needs an extra boost of moisture. This mist is packed with salmon collagen extract and nine types of hyaluronic acid to help prevent moisture loss. Spray on an even amount of this mist after applying your makeup to help your makeup last even longer! 


Step 3: Wrinkle Bounce Skin Fit Blending Essence

This moisture-restoring essence was created with naturally derived moisture capsules that are packed with agar extract to deeply nourish the skin. The product’s quadruple-mesh pump helps the active ingredients absorb easily and deeply into the skin, leaving you with a plumper-looking complexion. The Wrinkle Bounce Skin Fit Blending Essence is ideal if you need extra hydration and want to improve your skin’s elasticity.


Step 4: Wrinkle Bounce Blemish Ampoule

Are you dealing with dark spots left behind by acne? Luckily, you can rely on KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Blemish Ampoule to help brighten them. This ampoule is also highly recommended for those with dull or lackluster skin, and contains niacinamide and vitamin B. It’s also rich in antioxidants to give you a more radiant complexion. For more noticeable results, use it both day and night.  


Step 5: Wrinkle Bounce Water Full Perfecting Mask Set

KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Water Full Perfecting Mask fits perfectly in anyone’s skin care routine as you don’t have to use it every day. At least once a week, indulge in the goodness of this mask and you won’t be left disappointed! Each sheet mask contains highly concentrated essence that’s enough to leave you with supple and deeply hydrated skin. 

Each mask also features a snug fit with a triple-layered 100% pure cotton sheet that adheres to skin perfectly and is gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Step 6: Wrinkle Bounce Core Cream

KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Core Cream fits into the last step of your nighttime routine. Aside from salmon complex, this cream is formulated with Boston ivy to help rejuvenate the skin. Use this cream in both your morning and evening skin care routine to help plump up your skin. You’ll start to notice a firmer complexion with continued use. 


Step 7: Wrinkle Bounce Blemish UV Protection Cream

Complete your morning routine with the Wrinkle Bounce Blemish UV Protection Cream. Offering a protection of SPF50+ PA++++, KAHI’s sunscreen blocks all of the sun’s UV rays. This sun cream doesn’t leave a white cast and also works great under makeup. 


Step 8: Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm is a multi-purpose product that you can use as a lip balm or a hydrating balm for dry patches. Formulated with salmon complex, Jeju natural fermented oil, carrot root extract, beta carotene and carrot seed oil, this multi balm gives you that extra glow that you didn’t think you needed. 

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All images: KAHI Official Website


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