Our Favorite E-BOY: BTS’s Jungkook

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BTS doesn’t really need an introduction at this point, but for those who still don’t know them, they’re a record-breaking septet from South Korea that debuted in 2013. The boy band’s maknae, meaning “the youngest” in Korean, is Jungkook. Although he is the main vocalist, fans and BTS members lovingly call him the “golden maknae” because he’s talented across the board.

Jungkook was only 15 years old when he debuted with BTS, so he’s been in the spotlight for a long time. ARMYs can attest that a lot of things have changed, but his style evolution is definitely one that stands out the most to me. From casual sporty looks, chic full black ensembles and a lumbersexual aesthetic to now a low-key e-boy look, Jungkook’s style has leveled up year after year.

BTS Jungkook illustration

Main Combo: Baggy Black Tee, Black Joggers and Plaid Button-Up

STYLEMAN - Boxy Textured T-Shirt Newin - Elastic-Cuff Plaid Shirt

Throughout Jungkook’s style evolution, the black tee has been constant. The K-pop star is almost always seen in a black T-shirt, whether he’s on his way to the airport or at the dance studio. He wears this staple piece extra baggy, which goes well with his equally baggy joggers. I’ve chosen black joggers with contrasting piping for a futuristic touch that’s fit for an e-boy. Although he is no longer seen donning plaid button-ups, this piece used to be a constant item in his OOTDs during BTS’s Dope era. To suit Jungkook’s current look, this subtle green tartan button-up with neon-strip accents is left unbuttoned, so the boxy tee can hang loose.


Essentials: Black Boots, Face Mask, Lettering Bucket Hat and Oversized Backpack

WeWolf - Lace-Up Long Boots BACKNOW - Embroidered Lettering Bucket Hat Carryme - Lightweight Backpack

In a Jungkook-inspired outfit, combat boots are a must! Like the plaid tee, his taste in boots has progressed over time. He usually opted for tan worker boots in the earlier years. Now, he often wears black boots that he tucks his pants into. Another Jungkook staple (that everyone in the world is wearing right now) is a face mask. Long before the pandemic, Korean celebs were already wearing face masks to shield themselves from fine dust, pollution and germs, but the mask also adds a fashionable touch to outfits.

Like BTS’s leader RM, Jungkook likes to wear bucket hats. This headwear is an essential in both of their wardrobes. However, when it comes to bags, while RM likes carryalls, Jungkook is often seen lugging around a gigantic backpack. This white backpack is a perfect juxtaposition to his dark ensemble, and its strappy detailing just oozes e-boy vibes.



Rofuka - Faux Leather Belt with Chain Soosina - Stainless Steel Chain & Bar Earrings Sterlingworth - Gemstone Sterling Silver Single Drop Earring Sterlingworth - Gemstone Sterling Silver Single Stud Earring kamsmak circle meets square ring Soosina - Tungsten Ring UNPACK - Chain Double Ring A’ROCH - 925 Sterling Silver Chained Open Ring

I went ham accessorizing Jungkook. Not only is it part of the e-boy look to go extra with rings and earrings, but it’s also something the singer does himself. Fellow BTS member Jimin loves accessorizing with dangling earrings as well, but definitely not to the same extent as Jungkook. I went for non-matching dangling chain earrings and added a belt with chain accents to match. Eagle-eyed folks may notice I also selected earrings encrusted with purple rhinestones.

Jungkook’s fingers are equally covered with accessories. A chain-linked double ring layered with a single chain ring match the chain-accented belt and earrings. For the final touch, I added smoother, silver-toned rings to juxtapose the other busy rings.

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