Irene and Seulgi’s Mature and Mysterious Twin Looks from “Monster”

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Marking the birth of Red Velvet’s first subunit, Irene & Seulgi recently debuted with their EP Monster – now the highest-selling girl group subunit album of all time. When the music video for title track Monster dropped on July 7, fans were shocked and enthralled by the horror concept, the Gothic-style sets and the powerful, charismatic choreography. Consistent with the dark and mature themes and images, the girls definitely didn’t shy away with their outfits either. Their fierce ensembles span the breadth of lingerie-esque mesh corsets and bridal-inspired gowns, as well as incorporating plenty of dazzling glitter and sequins for an electrifying energy.

Smart Yet Sexy Juxtaposition

For a majority of the music video’s dance sequences, the girls are clad in sexy, boss-lady mesh tops and cropped pinstriped blazer combos, which come in two versions. The first rendition is sleek, classy and almost entirely in black. For bottoms, Irene is dressed in tight-fitting faux leather shorts and over-the-knee boots, while Seulgi dons flattering flared black trousers and ankle booties.

For the second, more blinged-out version, the girls’ mesh bodysuits are upgraded with glitter panels, while gold-tone epaulets and brooches adorn their blazers and shorts in a fashion reminiscent of boy scout badges or military medals. Building on the attention-grabbing, high-contrast gold notes, Seulgi also boasts a belt with hammered gold buckles as well as chained earrings, while Irene’s twisted dangle earrings give off a more luxe vibe. Even their boots boast silver-tone and gold-tone embellishments for an edgy twist!

Party-Ready Glam

Irene and Seulgi amp up the playfulness with this second set of outfits, which are colorful and sequin-based with a kaleidoscopic appeal. Irene dons a long-sleeved bodycon mini dress and a risqué cutout strapless top, both decked out in sequins. She pairs her mini dress with an open-front maxi skirt in sheer black mesh and her tube top with a belted bubble mini skirt. The Lolita-lite bow garter coordinates with the childlike charm of the skirt’s puffy silhouette, while her gold chain pendant necklace and fingerless black gloves add a certain toughness. Seulgi’s sleeveless multi-colored sequin top is similar to Irene’s, but with a dramatic asymmetric silhouette, paired with lace-up knee-high boots. For her other ‘fit, she ventures into mixing patterns and textures with a printed ruched-sleeve top against black sequin shorts. The slicked-back high ponytails are a welcome change from the girls’ pin-straight tresses throughout the MV, adding some styling – but in a clean, no-frills fashion – to ground these flamboyant looks.

Minimalist Monochrome

Finally, the girls go simple (relatively speaking, at least) in all black and all white. For the yin side of the equation, Seulgi is in a streamlined yet striking outfit, comprising a one-shoulder black top with cut-out sleeves, paired with glittery black pants, beaded black dangle earrings and heavy-handed bottom-liner. In contrast to Seulgi’s skin-baring look, Irene is seen in a more covered-up but equally figure-hugging black turtleneck – elevated with specks of glitter, of course.

Although girly-girl white dresses might seem at odds with the darkness of the rest of the music video, the girls’ exaggeratedly proper and innocent puff-sleeve dresses with full tulle skirts actually add to the persistently eerie and sinister undercurrent running through the MV. Aesthetically, these dresses are a romantic’s dream come true. Seulgi’s features a row of buttons on the bodice, while Irene’s tie-front rendition with a sweetheart neckline offers a peep of skin via a waist cutout. With side twists and gentle curls, the girls’ softer and more femme hairdos complete their ensembles to a T.

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