An Age-Defying Routine with NEOGEN

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You can always count on NEOGEN to deliver innovative products that give skin a dermatologically approved makeover, which is why I had high hopes for its brand new probiotics-infused, anti-aging collection. With my sensitive combination skin showing increasing signs of dryness and dullness – not to mention the slightest tendency to sag – I’m always on the lookout for formulas that can restore bounce and glow without causing any irritation.

Having never experienced the power of probiotics (in other words, good bacteria), which can supposedly reverse skin damage, soothe irritations and promote long-term skin resilience, it was with great anticipation that I began an intensive two-week regimen of selected products from the brand’s Youth Relief and Youth Repair lines. This included their emulsion, serum, moisturizing cream, mist and sunscreen, all of which come in pretty matte pink packaging – a delicious departure from NEOGEN’s usual clinical style!

Are these products a quick ticket to brighter, firmer, more youthful-looking skin? Or do they offer subtler benefits, such as a therapeutic reset for tired complexions? Read on for the results!

1. Probiotics Youth Repair Emulsion

The product: Packed with cranberry extract, ceramides and five types of hyaluronic acid to strengthen moisture barriers, as well as an infusion of probiotics to fight signs of premature aging, this lightweight moisturizer has the power to prep, hydrate and revitalize aging skin.

The low-down: Working wonderfully as an extra hydrator, especially between toner and serum, this silky-soft, feather-light formula pairs perfectly with the anti-aging heavy-hitters in my selection. Although I can’t pin down the eventual improvements to my skin on a single product, this definitely helped soften and plump up my skin while quickening absorption of other formulas!

2. Probiotics Double Action Serum

The product: Uniquely packaged in a double-chambered cylindrical dispenser, this super serum is a combination of two formulas. The first is chock-full of super probiotics (21% lactobacillus ferment lysate) and hyaluronic acid, while the other is packed with ceramides plus peptides to strengthen skin barriers.

The low-down: While I’m not 100% sold on the design, which is fun but also a tad gimmicky, there’s no doubt that integrating this product into my skin care routine produced a subtle, soft-focus glow – not to mention a general fading of my facial irritations. What’s more, the watery, probiotic-rich mix absorbed instantly into skin, producing effects in as little as a week. This is a star performer, especially in terms of brightening, firming and soothing effects.

3. Probiotics Youth Relief Cream

The product: A water-gel cream infused with over 14% lactobacillus ferment lysate to lift skin, banish wrinkles and restore bounce, this is billed as an anti-aging must-have for women aged 25-35.

The low-down: While I generally prefer richer, creamier textures for my moisturizers even in summer, this truly delivered. After religious usage, my skin looked more hydrated and felt more supple – a visible turnaround. However, while it glided on smoothly enough, it did leave a slight but persistent stickiness and shininess. I also had to get used to the strong, rather syrupy scent (which pervades all other products in this collection to varying degrees). All in all, while I love how it rejuvenated my stressed-out skin, I wonder if I’ll be reaching for it every day given its after-feel and fragrance – which may not be to everyone’s taste.

4. Probiotics Youth Repair Mist

The product: Keeping heat and dryness at bay with occasional spritzes, this probiotic-infused water-oil mist also comes with active skin-repairing benefits. Its unique Tru-Skin Barrier technology is specifically designed to strengthen skin barriers.

The low-down: The formula was dispensed in a super-fine but highly concentrated spray – a subtle infusion rather than a thorough drench, which I love. While it may not necessarily outperform face mists from other Korean brands I’ve tried, its skin-saving properties give it an extra edge. It deserves to be used for a longer period of time to reveal its full spectrum of benefits.

5. Probiotics Relief Sun Essence

The product: This lightweight sunscreen fitted with powerful SPF 50 PA++++ is designed to fend off UV rays while giving skin some extra love, courtesy of moisturizing ingredients such as milk protein, aquaxyl and hyaluronic acid, as well as a hefty dose of probiotics.

The low-down: Naively, I’d always believed that physical sunscreens are all very similar, but this gentle yet supremely effective product changed my mind. The water-gel formula, which leaves no white cast, felt just right on my skin – silky-smooth, not too runny and long-lasting enough to require only a single top-up over the course of a long day. While I’m unsure how far-reaching its anti-aging or skin-repairing properties are, its velvety texture and sun protection properties alone have me sold.

Final Verdict:

My goals for rescuing my aging skin are simple: I’m not looking for miraculous reversals, just a slight improvement on the status quo. In terms of this, NEOGEN’s probiotics-based collection offered steady and encouraging results. At the end of two weeks of intensive usage, my skin certainly looked firmer, smoother and healthier – a great first step forward! Standout products include the serum and the sun essence – the former lived up to its star billing while the latter was a pleasant surprise. I would probably rotate the emulsion, moisturizing cream and mist with other similar products in my skin care cabinet rather than use them exclusively, but there’s no doubt they’re solid offerings that would fit a variety of complexions, including sensitive ones. While the collection’s strong scent did give me pause initially, I’ve since learned to embrace it. High-performance products are hard to come by, after all.

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