Small Talk: Crystal Mask’s Amethyst Crystal Deep Hydration Mask + Facial Roller Premium Box

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During this difficult season, DIY home spas are a great way to relax, so it’s no surprise that facial massage tools like jade face rollers and gua sha stones, known for reducing puffiness and cooling skin, have been gaining extreme popularity. Naturally, when we came across Crystal Mask’s ultra-luxe pampering sets, we couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon ourselves. Each princess-pink box comes with five 100% cotton sheet masks enriched with natural amethyst extract to offer deep hydration and revitalization to stressed skin, as well as either a rose quartz facial roller or an amethyst face roller to help serum sink into skin – and to complete your royal treatment.

Zoe: Have you guys heard of skin care made with natural crystals?

Romy: I haven’t actually, but that sounds so intriguing!

Dianne: Sounds almost Wiccan 😂 Are we gonna be rubbing crystals on our faces?

Zoe: Haha, I’ve seen a few brands that use natural gems and crystals in their formulas since they have healing properties.

Michelle: I’m half-skeptical but also kinda intrigued.

Maureen: Crystals are minerals after all, so perhaps they’re good for our skin.

Sarah: I’ve never tried any crystal skin care before! But I recently came across this amethyst mask + facial roller set that I’m dying to try 😍

Dianne: OMG yes, after trying out the vibrating face cleanser last Small Talk, I’ve been wanting to try more skin care devices!

Zoe: YES, I’m ready!

Romy: Oooooh, I’ll try anything with facial rollers!

Michelle: Same, sign me up!

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Sarah: Soo what did everyone think about the masks? 👀

Maureen: My first impression was that it’s SO juicy. The serum was milky rather than a clear liquid or gel – and it was dripping everywhere!

Romy: Yes, I love that it comes in a milky texture. It feels more hydrating than the usual sheet masks that come with gel-like essences.

Zoe: There’s so much essence that I felt like I was being marinated!

Dianne: I think the 100% natural cotton sheet really does a good job soaking all of the essence~

Maureen: And there’s as much as 40ml of essence per sheet!

Zoe: Did you measure it in a beaker or something? 😂

Maureen: Nah I just read from the description 😂

Romy: 40ml is plenty for a sheet mask! No wonder it’s referred to as a “deep hydration mask.”

Dianne: What does the amethyst extract in it do for skin anyway? I’ve never used it before.

Sarah: It’s supposed to soothe skin and prevent aging, aka reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines. 🙈 The mask in general brightens, hydrates and firms skin, as well as minimizing pores.

Dianne: Ooh, the mask also has real sapphire powder 😮

Michelle: All these princessy elements! 👸


Romy: I actually popped my mask in the fridge for 10 minutes so it was extra soothing when I applied it 😊 Does anyone else like to do that with sheet masks or is it just me?

Dianne: I stuck both my mask and roller in the fridge too! 👌 The mask was definitely soothing and cooling, but it was on the thicker, stickier side, which my oily skin didn’t like.

Michelle: I’ve used it three times now and every time, my skin feels super soothed and hydrated afterward! I did find the essence a bit sticky to begin with…

Zoe: I didn’t bother refrigerating it, but I used it straight after coming out of the shower, so it was already pretty cold on my skin! Also, did anybody have issues with the mask sliding off? It’s so slippery that I got essence in my eyes every time 😂

Romy: Omg that was me the first time I tried the mask on! It kept sliding and I got essence in my right eye, which stung a bit. So I was extra careful the next time I used it lol.

Dianne: Yes, I did too! I couldn’t snack with it on 😭

Sarah: My mask didn’t slide off, but I also got essence in my eye when I put the mask on 😞 I had to wipe it off ASAP and make sure to keep my eyes closed the rest of the time.

Michelle: Same, I had to lie down to prevent it from falling off!

Zoe: I couldn’t sit still, so maybe that’s why 😂

Maureen: When I rolled the facial roller on the mask, even more essence dripped from it, so it was quite a mess 😫

Dianne: I really liked the face rollers. I think they pushed all of that crystal goodness into my skin. It was fun too, but I might have been too aggressive with it 😂

Sarah: Same, I thought the rollers were relaxing, helped the serum sink in and kept me distracted lol. I usually get bored just lying there with a mask on for 15-20 minutes.

Zoe: I love the rollers too! I’ve heard using a face roller on a sheet mask helps to achieve better adherence, and the actual effect was pretty good.

Romy: The face roller made the whole sheet mask experience even more fun. I almost fell asleep while using the face roller because it was so relaxing! 😆

Dianne: YESS, definitely a must for a nighttime skin care routine – it lulls you to sleep!

Zoe: I couldn’t stop rolling it for the 20 minutes that I was wearing the mask lol.

Dianne: I especially loved the rose quartz one because it was soo pretty and soothing.

Sarah: Actually, did you guys see any differences between the amethyst and rose quartz rollers? 🤔

Zoe: Haha no, but apparently they have different healing chakras, so you won’t really see the results physically?

Maureen: I saw this on Pinterest, but I’m not sure if it’s legit:

Dianne: LOL I need ALL of those benefits!

Maureen: I also remember rose quartz being associated with promoting romantic relationships while amethyst attracts wealth and helps you focus!

Michelle: Amethyst = good skin and good dreams? No wonder I loved it!

Zoe: I read about these before! I think rose quartz also promotes self-love haha. I did feel calm and less stressed, but I’m not sure if it’s just because a mask sesh is always relaxing 😌

Maureen: Honestly, I didn’t see any differences between the two rollers, but if I had to choose, I’d pick rose quartz because it’s prettier 😍

Romy: I prefer the rose quartz too, mainly because I love anything pink.

Dianne: I think the rose quartz is more soothing, while the amethyst made my skin less puffy in the morning.

Sarah: Oh wow, did anyone else experience depuffing? I always wake up with a puffy face and I’d heard for a long time that face rollers are great for that, but… no luck 😥

Dianne: Oh no~~ maybe a couple more tries? It was definitely the main effect I got from the amethyst roller.

Zoe: I tried mine at night, so I didn’t see any noticeable depuffing.

Michelle: Sadly it didn’t really happen for me either, but I’m willing to have a go at it again…

Maureen: I was hoping that it’d help firm my skin, but I’ve yet to see that effect.

Romy: One of the main things I noticed was how much more radiant my skin looked after using this mask. My skin has been quite dry even though I have combination skin, and incorporating this in my nighttime routine helps plump and hydrate my skin.

Maureen: Romy, I definitely agree with you on this! My skin feels much plumper and smoother.

Zoe: Same, my face feels so good and hydrated! The essence was a little sticky so I had to wash it off lightly with water before going to sleep, but my skin was still super moisturized, plump and soft when I woke up.

Dianne: It was incredibly moisturizing, but I don’t think my oily skin liked it since it left a slightly sticky, balmy finish.

Romy: That’s true, it does leave a tacky feeling, and it took me forever to pat the remaining essence into my skin!

Maureen: Haha, my dry skin drank it up. I guess I have really dehydrated skin 😛

Sarah: I don’t think I used it regularly enough to see major brightening or plumping effects, but it was def moisturizing with all that essence! There was a looot left in the package to rub on after applying the mask.

Romy: LOL I did the same! I rubbed the extra essence all over my neck, hands and feet 💆

Zoe: I used it all over my body and still had some left.

Michelle: Same here! I was dipping into the package and slathering it on! Even though it WAS kinda sticky, I didn’t mind because I woke up in the morning to such GLOW.

Dianne: Apart from the stickiness, the mask also made my skin feel slightly tingly, even though my skin isn’t usually sensitive. I love the rollers though. I originally thought they weren’t worth it, but they’re now a welcome addition to my routine. I really liked how soothing they were on my skin.

Sarah: I think I prefer the rollers to the masks as well~ But something I did like about the mask was its fit – it was just the right size for me! I also don’t think there was a strong scent either, which is a major deal-breaker for me.

Michelle: Oh yeah, it’s been a while since a mask fit so well on my (largish) face. I never thought I’d like a crystal-based product this much, but there goes my skepticism!

Maureen: I love the whole package of the creamy mask and crystal roller! I was afraid the crystal extract would irritate, but thankfully it didn’t.

Romy: I love the fit of the mask too. I was also worried about my skin breaking out, but I’m glad it didn’t react to any of the mask’s ingredients. The rollers are definitely my favorite!



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