Looking into the Buzz behind COSRX’s Full Fit Propolis Skin Care Line

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Wearing a face mask constantly in the hot, humid summer has done no favors for my oily skin. It’s dehydrated yet constantly producing oil – a problematic combo. My foray with BARR reversed some damage but, alas, I have run out of its natural goodness. This time, I wanted to find out what the buzz is all about with propolis.

Strangely enough, even though COSRX is a staple in every K-Beauty lover’s skin care routine, I haven’t reviewed any of their products myself! I figured this was an opportune time to experience what COSRX and its propolis line have to offer. The entire routine is cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, sulfates and artificial fragrances.

What is propolis? Also known as bee glue, it’s a mixture of bee saliva and beeswax used to seal up holes in the hive. When infused in skin care, it boasts soothing, nourishing and hydrating benefits that my skin sorely needs at the mo’.

Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner

COSRX Propolis Toner COSRX Propolis Toner

Main Ingredients: The toner is mainly infused with 72.6% black bee propolis and 10% honey extract as well as Vitamin B complex. 

The Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner was the no. 1 pick in the toner category in the recent GLOWPICK Awards Mid-Year 2020, so I had high hopes! As I’ve slowly started cutting cotton pads from my skin care routine, I initially tried applying the toner with my hands, even though the instructions suggested using pads. It applied well enough, but felt more hydrating when applied with pads. Its watery consistency is more suited for use with cotton pads, which allow the formula to soak into skin. My skin soaked up the formula very quickly and completely absorbed it within seconds. It left my skin feeling refreshed and ready for the next layer of products. 

Full Fit Propolis Light vs Ultra Light Ampoule

COSRX Propolis Ampoules COSRX Propolis Ampoules

Light AmpouleUltra Light Ampoule
PackagingBlack dropperWhite dropper
Propolis Percentage83.25%81.6%
TextureLightweight, slightly stickyWatery, slightly sticky

Like many K-pop idols, my rosacea also made a comeback in June. Unlike their comebacks, however, my reddened, irritated skin was far from exciting. My skin has been really sensitive as of late, so I wanted to slowly introduce this new skin care line into my usual routine. I started with the Ultra Light Ampoule which, as promised, absorbed quickly. It did leave a somewhat sticky finish as I tapped the formula into my skin. The ampoule provided ample moisture but its calming effects weren’t immediately evident. 

With the Light Ampoule, the effects were almost instantaneous. My cheeks were noticeably less splotchy the morning after my first application. Compared to the Ultra Light Ampoule, the Light Ampoule was definitely on the thicker side, but it left a similar slightly sticky finish.

Full Fit Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask

COSRX Propolis Sheet Mask

Main Ingredients: The sheet mask is soaked in the Full Fit Propolis Ampoule. Its design mimics a honeycomb structure to ensure the mask holds the optimal amount of ampoule and delivers it into skin. 

Having tried more than my fair share of cotton sheet masks, I can confidently say that this is the softest and most moisturizing one yet! The mask is very thin, so it was initially quite hard to place. Once properly worn, it adhered well and hugged the curves of my face. One of the main issues I usually have with sheet masks is the fit around the mouth and jaw area, as they peel away if I attempt to talk. However, this one stuck well and felt almost like a second skin. 

The fit and feel of this mask are almost comparable to that of my favorite gel sheet masks! The only thing to note is that unlike the other products in the propolis line, it has a subtle sweet fragrance.

Full Fit Propolis Light Cream

COSRX Propolis Cream COSRX Propolis Cream

Main Ingredients: The cream is made of 65.69% black bee propolis complex, which consists of black bee propolis, honey and royal jelly extracts, all of which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

The Propolis Light Cream is incredibly moisturizing. It initially felt slightly balmy but absorbed quickly. I used this during my nighttime routine to allow the formula to work its wonders overnight. My skin showed immediate results, feeling softer, bouncier and hydrated yet not oily! 

Final Verdict

My oily skin needed to be nourished back to health and this line was perfect for that. The toner and sheet masks were the biggest positives as I wasn’t expecting them to be the most efficacious. The toner helped clean and decongest my pores while the sheet mask soothed my skin.

Although my skin is quite resilient when it comes to strong formulas, I prefer mild, gentle ones. This line is very mild but delivers on its promised skin care benefits. COSRX is known for its short list of highly efficacious ingredients, and I finally got to experience it myself with these products. If you want dewy, glowing skin, then you might want to check out COSRX’s Propolis line!

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