Chic Styles from Taiwanese Drama SOMEDAY OR ONE DAY

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A little late to the game, I’ve only recently finished watching Taiwanese time-travel romance drama Someday or One Day despite its premiere on CTV last November. The first two episodes may be slow-paced but trust me, it gets better and better!

Drama stills from CTV

Starring Alice Ko Chia-yen as 27-year-old Huang Yu-hsuan and Greg Hsu Kuang-han as her late boyfriend Wang Chuan-sheng, the drama begins with Huang receiving a mysterious cassette tape after attending Wang’s funeral. While listening to the tape (“Last Dance” by Taiwanese singer Wu Bai), Huang travels back in time and finds herself trapped in the body of 17-year-old Chen Yun-ru, who looks exactly like her. She also meets Li Tzu-wei, a teenage guy who looks exactly like Wang Chuan-sheng. From here, the story spirals into a mind-boggling fantasy of mystery, murder, friendship, love and atonement.

In short, Someday or One Day feels like a mix of Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name and Jay Chou’s The Secret (both Alice and Greg happen to have participated in Jay Chou’s music videos), but with more in-depth and relatable characters, and more nostalgia thrown in.

I’d better stop at this point because giving away its intricate plot would be blasphemous. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to lure you into the journey by showing you what Huang wears throughout! Huang’s fashion style reflects her dynamic and outspoken personality, which completely contrasts with that of her “counterpart” Chen Yun-ru. Learn a few style tricks from Huang if you want to be popular and self-assured like her!

Breezy Blouses

I know I’ve been picking out blouses, skirts and blazers as essentials for every office drama, but Huang’s blouses are a little different from, say, Secretary Kim’s. Perhaps due to the fact that she works in an advertising company, Huang often wears blouses with a twist, such as an asymmetric cut or print, contrast paneling, wide lapels, puff sleeves or a high-low hem.


Cropped Blazers

Huang’s blazers are well-structured, lightweight and often cropped. I especially love her white moto, which is cropped and belted at the waist, and looks like a cropped version of the trusty trench. I also adore her cropped denim and faux suede jackets.


Asymmetrical Skirts

Asymmetrical skirts are easy to rock – simply tuck in a tee and let the skirt’s stepped hem speak for itself. Huang’s picks kick it up a notch with a frayed hem, paperbag waist or allover plaid.


Muted Checks

Checks bring an effortless touch of prim, breaking the monotony of a monochrome outfit. Huang’s checked numbers come in gray, almond and pine green, which are failsafe options for the office.


Statement Earrings

How many different earrings did Huang don? I lost count, but I remember many of them were nature-inspired, coming in either organic shapes or natural materials like wood and mother-of-pearl.


Mobius Ring

The Mobius ring plays an important role in the drama. Symbolizing infinity, it’s the perfect design for couple rings. Huang and Wang’s Mobius engagement rings are inscribed with a quote from French writer Simone de Beauvoir:

“Only if you asked to see me
Our meeting would be meaningful to me”


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