Best Korean Mascaras for Long and Natural-looking Lashes

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The not-so-good news: not everyone is born with long and thick eyelashes. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on false lashes or get lash extensions – all you need is a good mascara to give you the lashes of your dreams!

Adding mascara to your everyday makeup routine helps frame both your eyes and your face. Can’t find a mascara that gives you long, defined and natural-looking lashes? Don’t fret, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Korean mascaras that you can add to your makeup collection.

 Holi Pop Detail Cara from HOLIKA HOLIKA

If you like using a mascara with a slim brush, then you’ll love HOLIKA HOLIKA’s Holi Pop Detail Cara. Featuring a 2.5mm brush, this mascara will lift and thicken every single one of your lashes. The Holi Pop Detail Cara gives you just the right amount of length and volume, and you can use it for both daytime and evening looks. You also don’t have to worry about it smudging off as it’s resistant to tears, sweat and sebum. 

Full Fit Skinny Mascara from UNNY CLUB

Another great mascara option featuring a skinny spoolie design is the Full Fit Skinny Mascara from UNNY CLUB. Its brush design may be slim but you can count on this mascara to help amplify your lashes, giving you length and volume without any clumping. Apply a single coat for the perfect natural look.

Saemmul Perfect Curling Mascara from The Saem

My lashes tend to point downwards, which isn’t ideal especially if I want to open up my eyes more. So, I tend to go for a mascara that not only lengthens my lashes but also curls them. If you have similar lashes to mine, give this mascara a go. The Saem’s Saemmul Perfect Curling Mascara makes your lashes look longer and fuller while also giving them extra curl.

To help keep the curls in place, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler like Beauty Tool Eyelash Curler (a popular Nature Republic product) before and after applying mascara. 

Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara from heimish

If you want long and natural-looking lashes but worry that your mascara will smear throughout the day, give heimish’s Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara a try. You won’t be disappointed! This mascara will definitely give you all the length that you desire without smudging.

The Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara also placed as one of the top three mascaras of YesStyle’s Makeup Bestsellers Mid-Year 2020 list so that should tell you how much love it already gets! 

Am9 to Pm9 Survival Color Cara from lilybyred

Not a fan of black mascaras? Don’t worry, Lilibyred’s Am9 to Pm9 Survival Color Cara has you covered. This mascara is available in five different shades of brown including Mocha, Choco, Rosy, Ginger and Black Brown. This mascara feels super light yet still helps make your eyes pop. Add this to your mascara collection and you may soon find yourself reaching for this every single day! 

On The Top Fiber Mascara from KARADIUM 

KARADIUM’s On The Top Fiber Mascara promises to give you very defined and natural-looking eyelashes with just two coats. The spoolie design of this mascara is thicker than the others but rest assured, you won’t be left with clumpy lashes. This mascara is also enriched with plant oils to condition your lashes, and it also features a long-wearing and waterproof formula. 

An extra tip: Apply mascara to your lower lashes too! Adding a thin layer of mascara to your lower lashes can make a big difference as it will open up your eyes even more. Just remember not to overdo it or you risk ending up with clumpy, spidery lashes, which is not a good look for anyone!

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