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This month, our brand spotlight focuses on Korean skin care brand TIA’M. Once called O.S.T C20, the brand recently rebranded and changed its name to TIA’M. A quick fun fact about their new name: TIA’M means “a twinkle in the eye when you meet someone for the first time” in Persian.

TIA’M’s Philosophy

TIA’M’s main mission is to promote healthy and luminous skin. The brand is meticulous about their skin care formulas. TIA’M only uses skin-friendly ingredients that are safe, natural and effective to guarantee results. If you’re looking to improve your dull, tired or stressed-out complexion, you can count on TIA’M to address your skin concerns and improve the overall health of your skin. 

TIA’M offers a wide variety of skin care products and multiple collections to choose from. You can find everything from cleansers, toners, serums and sheet masks to creams, lotions and sunscreen. 

TIA’M’s My Signature Series – Vitamin Brightening Line

If you want to brighten your post-acne dark spots or your overall complexion, TIAM’s My Signature Series is worth trying.

As one of the brand’s bestsellers, TIA’M’s My Signature C Source does not disappoint! This vitamin C serum helps you achieve a more radiant complexion while fading acne scars and removing dead skin cells and blackheads at the same time. My Signature C Source is also a great serum to add to your skin care routine to keep your skin firm and supple. 


TIA’M’s My Signature Series – Vitamin Hydrating Line

The brand’s vitamin hydrating line is perfect for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Featuring moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and betaine, all products from this line provide both immediate and long-term hydrating benefits.

If you’re searching for products to help boost your skin’s moisture levels, go for TIA’M’s My Signature Vita B5 Toner, followed by the Hyaluronic Water Plumping Serum and My Signature Panthenol Moist Cream. For ultimate nourishment and a healthy and glowing complexion, incorporate all three products into your daily skin care regimen.


TIA’M’s Snail & Azulene Series – Recovery Care Line

Snail secretion filtrate or snail slime is an ingredient that’s widely used in Korean skin care products. With TIA’M’s snail and azulene series, you can reap all of this ingredient’s benefits. 

This line is ideal for those with irritated skin or a damaged skin barrier as snail secretion filtrate helps your skin heal. TIA’M’s Snail & Azulene Water Essence is packed with snail secretion filtrate and azulene, which helps prevent moisture loss and calms dry or irritated skin. Thanks to its soothing benefits, this essence is suitable for sensitive skin too. 


TIA’M’s My Little Pore & Centella Face Calming Series


TIA’M’s My Little Pore Fix Source and No Sebum Cream are highly recommended for those looking for effective pore care products. When used consistently, the My Little Pore Fix Source helps improve the appearance of enlarged pores.

For oily skin types that need to control sebum production, TIA’M’s My Little Pore No Sebum Cream won’t let you down. Formulated with silica powder, berry complex and panthenol, this moisturizer is great at absorbing excess oil without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

If you have acne-prone skin and wish to try a TIA’M product, you can’t go wrong with their Centella Face Calming Toner. This hypoallergenic toner is formulated with centella asiatica extract to soothe your skin, betaine to keep your skin moisturized, and allantoin for anti-aging benefits.

Check out the rest of TIA’M’s skin care products available at YesStyle.  

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