Small Talk: kefii’s LULU Deepclean Brush

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Electric facial cleansers have always been on our radar, but not all of us have given them serious tries. With kefii (a subsidiary of Dear, Klairs) unveiling a brand-new version cutesily named the LULU Deepclean Brush, how could we resist the opportunity to incorporate it into our daily skin care routines? Especially now that the summer heat is fully upon us, which calls for ever more thorough cleansing regimens!

Made of waterproof, bacteria-repelling silicone and chargeable by USB, the LULU comes in two equally delicious shades – cherry and apricot – and is ideally paired with the Dear, Klairs Deep Moist Foaming Cleanser. Will it revolutionize our skin care routine…or will we revert back to our usual double-cleanse with our tried-and-trusted cleansers? Read on for our thoughts and verdicts!

Michelle: Hey…just wondering what everyone’s cleansing routines are like? Do you have a favorite type of cleanser?

Dianne: I’m defos a gel cleanser gal! It’s soothing and super gentle, especially now that my skin’s irritated by the constant mask-wearing.

Zoe: I’m more of a naturalist when it comes to cleansers, so I’ve been using cold-pressed coconut oil as my main cleanser for a while now. When I need to change it up a bit, I alternate it with AROMATICA’s Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser.

Sarah: I’ve been using COSRX’s Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser for a while, but just switched to The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam lately 😍 I love both!

Maureen: I used to use foam cleansers but have lately switched to VILLAGE 11 FACTORY’s Refresh Cleanser GREEN. It’s got konjac granules in it and foams up as you rub.

Michelle: I love it when cleansers foam up, but unfortunately most are a bit too drying for my skin! That said, I feel like my face could do with a really intense cleanse. Has anyone ever considered adding an electric facial cleanser to the mix?

Dianne: No!!! Tbh I haven’t used any skin care devices since they are quite pricey and I’m not sure it would be worth it 🙈 Plus I’m scared it’ll do more damage than good lmao.

Zoe: Michelle, do you have one in mind?

Dianne: I’ll need some convincing before I try one out 😂

Michelle: Hmmm I know what you mean – I don’t want to damage my face further! But kefii’s LULU Deepclean Brush does look pretty promising. It’s supposed to be really gentle on skin.

Dianne: Ooooh I’m intrigued! I’m weak to pretty things!

Maureen: I’ve tried NEOGENCE’s cleansing brush before and honestly I wasn’t a fan. This one’s silicone and chargeable by USB though, so it does look more appealing.

Zoe: The LULU looks good! Shall we try? I’ve not tried a cleansing brush before so I’m open 😂

Dianne: I’m down if everyone is 😂 If there are bad reactions, we’re all going down together!

Sarah: I’ve never tried one before either! Seems like a lot of fun, so I’m down (but hopefully without bad side effects LOL).

Michelle: Ok, that’s settled then! Hopefully it’ll work 😂

Dianne: Omg so I know I said I was scared to try it out BUT I actually really love it! I felt like I was too quick to say no to skin care devices 😂

Zoe: Hahaha, this is literally you:

Dianne: :O Omg #rude
Anyway, the LULU’s super gentle and I feel like my face is getting massaged! If anything, this is me:


Sarah: LOL I loved it too! I didn’t realize that the two sides were different at first, so I used the side for dry, sensitive skin initially… but then I discovered that the other side offers deep cleansing for oily skin, which was PERF for me.

Maureen: Really? Which side is which?

Sarah: The side with the power off button is for dry, sensitive skin and it has equally spread-out bristles. The back side has uneven bristles for oily skin!

Dianne: It’s defos perfect for oily skin – my face felt so clean and smooth afterwards! It was so soothing that I almost fell asleep using it 😂

Zoe: I think my skin is too thin and weak. I actually found the cleanser a little hard on my face 🤔

Michelle: Zoe, same here! I was really enjoying myself and the next thing I know, my skin’s a bit red and tingly 😂

Zoe: 😱
My reaction was not as bad, but I’d definitely say it’s not as soft on my skin as I’d like it to be 😂

Maureen: How long did you use it, Michelle?

Michelle: Hmmm quite a while haha…maybe that’s why…

Zoe: I didn’t time myself. But I think it should only take around a minute…

Maureen: Yea, I think you aren’t supposed to spend more than a minute or you’ll over-exfoliate. The general rule is forehead 20s, cheeks 10s, nose 10s, chin 10s.

Zoe: I thought I was just impatient lol.

Dianne: Ahahahah that’s fine. Apparently after charging, it can last up to 6 months!

Zoe: Omg I had to charge it twice already! Maybe it’s because my boyfriend is also using it…

Sarah: Michelle and Zoe, did you guys find the side for dry/sensitive skin better suited for you? Or were both sides irritating?

Zoe: I mainly used the finer side, but I did try the back as well, and it kinda felt the same 😂

Sarah: Btw…I really like how the brush automatically turns off after a minute, which is really convenient!

Dianne: Oh yeah, I love that! It’s basically an in-built function telling you to chill lmao.

Maureen: Mine didn’t – maybe coz I kept switching modes.

Sarah: Ooh Maureen, did you prefer the stronger setting or the gentler one?

Maureen: I prefer the gentler mode coz I’ve got such sensitive skin!

Dianne: Tbh I don’t think I felt the difference, but then again I was probably too engrossed in massaging my face 😂

Sarah: I actually think the stronger setting made my cleanser foam up more!

Zoe: I didn’t even know there were two different modes! I feel like I’m missing out now 😂

Dianne: Did anybody try other types of cleansers apart from the recommended Dear, Klairs foam cleanser?

Michelle: I tried it with a gel cleanser and I think it worked fine…. (except for the bit where I over-exfoliated 🙈

Zoe: I tried it with my usual coconut oil and also an exfoliating face scrub. But mainly I stuck to a foam cleanser since it’s the easiest to clean.

Maureen: I tried with my VILLAGE 11 cleanser but it didn’t foam up, so I had to massage the cleanser onto my wet face first.

Dianne: Yeah I def agree that foam cleanser is easier to clean. The green herbs in my MIZON gel cleanser were stuck between the bristles for a while 🙁

Maureen: Exactly.

Zoe: I just applied the cleanser directly onto the brush and spread it out evenly before using it on my face. Like this:

Sarah: I only used my foam cleanser so it was easy to clean! One thing I’m not sure about is whether it’s good enough to just rinse off with water 🤔 What did u guys do?

Zoe: Same! Just water 😂

Dianne: The manual said to just rinse it with water. Apparently it’s made with medicinal silicone to make it bacteria-free – IDK the science behind that tho lmao.

Sarah: Dang, I love a good lazy-girl product 😂

Michelle: Did anyone notice differences to their complexions afterwards?

Dianne: My oily skin was definitely less so after a couple of days, though my blackheads didn’t decrease as much as I had hoped.

Zoe: To be really honest, not really. But I don’t mind! My boyfriend is using it more religiously than I am, so I guess it’s just not really for me?

Sarah: I also didn’t see any big differences in my complexion 😅 I think for me, the major pro is that it made my skin feel super clean and just made me relaxed in general 😴

Maureen: Wait… can you share the same device, Zoe? It feels like sharing the same toothbrush 😆

Zoe: I’m sure it’s not the same 😂

Dianne: For me, I love how the gentle vibrations on my face lulled me to sleep~ Perfect for my nighttime routine.

Michelle: Yea I have to agree, it’s soo soothing!

Sarah: Yessss and it’s great for getting out any traces of makeup at the end of the day.

Dianne: I think one of the other major benefits is that I’ve cut exfoliating from my routine since it’s so thorough.

Michelle: Oh that’s true, especially for me 😂

Dianne: What did you guys think of the shape 😆 Personally, I think it’s really cute lmao. It’s so small! I thought it would be a lot bigger judging from the pics!

Maureen: And your face is small, Dianne.

Michelle: I def love how easily it fits in my hand!

Zoe: Sameee~ It’s the perfect palm size.

Sarah: I think the curved shape is great for fitting all the contours of my face – especially around the eyes and nose!


Maureen: I like how it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the face! Like around the nose where there are the most blackheads.

Sarah: I also love how it comes in a simple design that ensures firm grip! Plus you can choose between two colors – my cherry version radiates such happy vibes 🌞

Zoe: I find the apricot color (which seems like more of a beige pink to me) really therapeutic to look at too.

Michelle: Really happy with my cherry version! Even if I don’t use it every day, it just looks so pretty lying in my bathroom cabinet.

Dianne: Yes! It def brings a bougieness to my cluttered skin care cabinet 😂

Maureen: I like my apricot, the color’s like “second skin” XD
I just wonder where the rest of you keep your device? I keep mine on top of the bathroom tiles, and I’m afraid that may not be great since it never gets entirely dry.

Zoe: I leave mine on top of a mini saucer that I used to put tea light candles in. But now it’s just become a permanent spot for me to air-dry the cleansing brush.

Sarah: Maureen, the device is 100% waterproof though, so it should be fine? I just leave mine on the bathroom countertop after using it.

Maureen: Good to know (:|

Dianne: Honestly tho~ My wallet may not agree with me, but this has really persuaded me to try out other skin care devices 😂 The LULU went way and above my expectations. Cleansing my skin has def become the best part of my evening routine now~



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