Ingredient Focus: How Calendula Can Help Repair Your Skin

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Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a type of flower that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat wounds, fevers or sore throats, and menstrual cramps. Thanks to its healing abilities, calendula also helps treat various skin concerns. 

If you’re interested in how calendula can help repair your skin, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this skin-soothing ingredient. 

What does calendula do for your skin?

Reduces inflammation

Calendula offers antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is great for fighting inflammation. If you suffer from redness or inflamed skin, you can count on this star ingredient to soothe your skin. 

Fights acne and heals scars

Calendula is also a gentle and effective ingredient to treat active breakouts and prevent future ones. If you’re concerned about post-acne scars or dark spots, simply add a calendula-infused product to your daily skin care regimen to help repair your blemishes.

Strengthens your skin barrier

Calendula boasts healing capabilities, and is ideal for helping repair a weak or compromised skin barrier. Calendula is also packed with powerful antioxidants that protect your skin against free radical damage, or environmental stressors such as pollution. 

Moisturizes your skin

Aside from its healing abilities, calendula also keeps your skin extra nourished. Those with dry skin, or with skin conditions like eczema, can benefit greatly by adding calendula to their routine.

What skin type should incorporate calendula in their routine?

Calendula is a great ingredient for use by all skin types – even sensitive skin. It’s mostly beneficial for those who struggle with acne or a damaged skin barrier, but those with dry, dehydrated, or aging skin can benefit from calendula thanks to its nourishing benefits. By adding one or more calendula-infused products to your skin care routine, your complexion will feel more supple and hydrated, and look healthier.

Which calendula-infused products should I use?

You can find plenty of Korean skin care products that are formulated with calendula, including facial cleansers, toners, sheet masks and moisturizers. 

iUNIK’s Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil is a great option if you’re looking for a gentle and soothing cleansing oil. Packed with natural plant oils and calendula flower extract, this cleansing oil removes all traces of makeup and sunscreen while also gently exfoliating your skin. If you prefer cleansing water, go for NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula to gently get rid of all your skin’s impurities.


If you suffer from dry patches or just need a product to give your skin a boost of hydration, give Nacific’s Real Floral Toner Calendula a try. This toner preps your skin for the next steps in your skin care routine, and is formulated with calendula flower water that won’t dehydrate your skin.


Applying a sheet mask is the perfect way to provide your skin with an immediate boost of moisture. Using a sheet mask like Isntree’s Calendula Poreless Face Fit Mask doesn’t just hydrate your skin, but also restores your skin’s oil and water balance. This sheet mask also provides an instant cooling effect and soothes irritated skin.


To finish off your skin care routine, slather on AROMATICA’s Comforting Calendula Decoction Juicy Cream. This cruelty-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer contains calendula extract and ceramides to help your skin repair and alleviate any signs of itchiness.


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