Introducing Style Dials: Our New IGTV Series

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What is Style Dials? You’ve seen the fashion and beauty picks on Signs & Attires from our resident astro gal Zoe and how Dianne styles K-pop idols on Style Files. Now, the YesStylist editors will be showcasing styling ideas in the new IGTV series Style Dials! Be it a casual outfit for a grocery run or a put-together look for the office, each episode of Style Dials focuses on a specific theme with our own unique twist for every look, featuring personal faves from YesStyle.

Behind the scenes:

Here’s a sneak peek at our Style Dials set! When it comes to the ideal setting for showcasing outfits, nothing fits the bill like a changing room. The backdrop takes cues from changing room curtains, and the pastel-hued carpet brings a more homey touch (don’t want the set to look too much like a store!).

The two velvet bar stools, reminiscent of those seen on talk shows, add to the relaxed, feminine vibe that we want to create — an intimate space for all of us to share and explore our personal styles!

Stay tuned and follow @theyesstylist on Instagram for updates!

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