A Clean Beauty Experience with ROVECTIN’s LHA Blemish Ampoule + Lotus Water Cream

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I’ve finally come across a Korean brand that clearly identifies itself as a clean beauty brand! Counting on safe and hypoallergenic formulas to help skin return to its original state, ROVECTIN’s offerings might not be fancy or versatile enough for some, but the important thing is they all uphold a rigorous safety standard.

ROVECTIN’s journey began when founder Lee Sung-soo tried to develop the Anti-Irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream for his sister, who suffered from a dry and weakened skin barrier due to cancer treatment. All products are as gentle as possible, boasting transparent, minimalist ingredient lists free from parabens, chemical dyes, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, drying alcohols and animal-derived ingredients.

Troubled by sensitive skin my whole life, I almost drooled when I learned about the brand’s Clean line, which is cruelty-free, verified vegan-friendly by The Vegan Society, and uses only EWG green-grade ingredients. The line currently offers two products – an ampoule and a cream, and it’s only natural that I try both!

The Packaging

Before going into detail about my experience with the two products, I’d like to first turn the spotlight on their packaging, which is made from biodegradable recycled paper printed with soy ink. Don’t toss them in the recycling bin just yet – there’s a sizeable sticker set inside! Featuring cute and cheerful motifs like the unicorn, rabbit (the symbol of cruelty-free products), flamingo, rainbow, plants, letters and empty labels, these stickers are perfect for placing onto the product itself, or for customizing your stationery and phone case!

LHA Blemish Ampoule

Main Ingredients: 85% neroli (bitter orange) flower water, 2% glutathione + niacinamide, 0.1% LHA (lipo hydroxyl acid), 5 types of hyaluronic acid

I love how the ampoule is formulated WITHOUT all the masking ingredients usually found in other beauty products. What you get is a little bottle of colorless, odorless, slightly viscous liquid, which is perhaps what your skin really needs! The texture might be a little sticky for some, but I found it just about right for my dry skin.

Although both the LHA Blemish Ampoule and Lotus Water Cream are geared towards oily and combination skin, I was pleasantly satisfied with their performance on my dry and sensitive skin. One star ingredient in this ampoule is LHA. For those who are afraid that AHAs and BHAs might be too strong for your skin, LHAs are a great option. Like PHAs, they are less acidic than AHAs and BHAs, absorb into skin slower and won’t cause photosensitivity. Another star ingredient is neroli flower water, which boasts anti-inflammatory benefits. The ampoule also contains glutathione and niacinamide for brightening and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing.

After one week of use, I found my skin smoother and suppler. Best of all, my blemishes were beginning to fade slowly! The change was gradual but steady.

Lotus Water Cream

Main Ingredients: 75% lotus flower water, 2% AQUAXYL (birch extract) + niacinamide, 1% sweet almond oil

I love that the cream is contained in a stand-up tube, which helps to save space on my vanity table. Like the ampoule, it’s formulated with only the barest basics. It contains 1% sweet almond oil, but the scent is hardly noticeable. Texture-wise, there’s nothing to complain about. A little watery but not gel-like (which means it’s not sticky), it dissipates quickly without leaving any residue.

Instead of neroli, this cream uses lotus flower water to purify skin. It also features AQUAXYL, a patented ingredient derived from birch tree that’s rich in NMF (natural moisturizing factor), for moisture retention.

I use this cream not only as the last step of my day and night skin care routines but also whenever I wish. It’s great for summer when more aqueous products are generally preferred.

The Verdict

If you’re suffering from sensitive skin and have a hard time finding products to use, clean beauty is definitely the way to go. To me, this Clean line from ROVECTIN lives up to its reputation, as it’s not only non-irritating but honestly potent. I truly hope the brand will launch more clean products in time!

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