Dear, Klairs: Soft & Hydrated Summer Skin

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Dear, Klairs is on the list of cruelty-free K-Beauty brands that I keep a close eye on. My fellow editors have all tried if not loved many of the brand’s hype-worthy products. This time around, I set out to try two of its toners plus a sunscreen, all of which boast the brand’s famed goodness!

The search for skin care alternatives is my recurring mission every season. All the products I trial this time feature lightweight, vegan-friendly formulations that are free of harmful ingredients – just what I need to prep my skin for the hot, humid and mask-wearing summer days ahead.

Daily Skin Softening Water

What is it? A mildly acidic toner that’s suitable for everyday use. Infused with cucumber water to hydrate and refresh as well as sugarcane extract and citric acid to soften and exfoliate skin gently.

In detail:

I sometimes find the smell of cucumber rather off-putting, so I’m glad this toner doesn’t have a strong scent. Although the toner contains 45% cucumber water, there’s practically no scent to it.

It contains natural exfoliants like sugarcane extract and low-irritant AHA citric acid to wipe away leftover dead skin cells and impurities. Because it contains very little citric acid, the formulation poses almost no risk of skin irritation. The texture is watery yet non-sticky, and leaves a refreshing and hydrating finish on my skin.

For my routine, I gave it a squeeze or two to dispense product onto a cotton pad, wiping my skin to remove any leftover makeup I might have missed during the cleansing stage.

Daily Skin Hydrating Water

What is it? Light and refreshing daily toner featuring an infusion of antioxidant-rich green tea and calendula water that leaves skin moisturized and soothed after every wash.

In detail:

Like the Skin Softening Water, this toner boasts a watery texture that’s both hydrating and refreshing on skin. Despite it containing 45% green tea and calendula water, I couldn’t detect any strong aromas that reminded of either ingredient.

During the trial, I mainly used this toner in the morning as I felt that its mild and soothing properties were better suited for waking up puffy skin. The toner itself is a season-less product that can be used whenever.

Mid Day Blue UV Shield

What is it? Non-irritating mineral-based sunscreen formulated with guaiazulene to calm and strengthen skin. Suitable for warm weather.

In detail:

As advised by the brand, this sunscreen is more suited for hot summer weather. It comes in a unique powder blue color that’s a lot paler than other guaiazulene-based products I’ve tried before.

The texture is like that of a lotion, as it’s kind of runny but feels velvety when blended into skin. It has more of a dewy finish but dries rather quickly.

For a mineral-based sunscreen, it surprisingly leaves no white cast whatsoever. It also has a really interesting scent that reminds me of popcorn, while some of my fellow editors think that it smells like freshly cooked rice.

The Verdict

Previously, I had been substituting the toner step of my skin routine with an essence, simply because I had the impression that an essence is fundamentally the same as a toner, except with added skin care benefits. During the trial period, I stopped using my favorite essence in order to fully test out the hydrating power of both the Skin Hydrating Water and Skin Softening Water. I tested both toners at the same time, using the Skin Softening Water primarily in the evening and the Skin Hydrating Water in the morning.

There’s nothing to dislike about these toners. They’re extremely gentle and hydrating, and neither of them irritated my dry, sensitive skin. Both can be shelfie cornerstones for practically all skin types. Although I find them more ideal for summer, the formulations can definitely be used all year round. I’m also pretty happy that they come in generous sizes that will last me for quite some time.

Although the Mid Day Blue UV Shield’s texture is not one I usually prefer, I grew to love it by the end of the trial. I initially thought the finishing was a little too glowy for my liking, but it actually sits very nicely on top of my morning moisturizer and keeps my skin free of dry patches. The strangest thing about it is perhaps the popcorn-like scent, which I actually looked forward to every morning! If a semi-matte finish isn’t what you’re really into, the Dear Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence is another option to try!

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